Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SYTYCD S10 Auditions - Los Angeles and Austin

Bit weird that they separated the Los Angeles auditions into two separate nights. I guess maybe they were expecting to have two hour episodes of the show each week? But then why not wait to keep last week's and this to this week? WEIRD. That's all there is to it.

Nicholas Stewart aka Slick. Flex dancing. Or otherwise known as pulling his arms in and out of their sockets? Yeesh. Gross! To choreography because he is "so amazing in your style." That's their code for thinking they won't be able to do anything else. Doesn't make it through.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 - Los Angeles and Austin Auditions by freshfromthe.comAlex Kessinger. Cute blonde thing with compelling backstory and moves to back it up. Will probably be really good at doing choreographed routines from what I can tell. A little too much loving looks to judges, though. Get more into the dancing and less look at me, look at me, please! Straight to Vegas.

Sebastian Serra. Ballet dancer with kind of jungle vibe. Very interesting. Started stronger than finished, to me, but still good. Jesse mentions handsomeness too. Ha. Vegas.

Mariia Lebedeva and Misha Smagin. Latin ballroom. She has a smoothness to her moves whereas he is much sharper, interesting combo. Mary scream. Vegas. That dude seems a little smarmy though?

Emilio Dosal. Hip hop. Not amazing, but seems very moldable, like he could do well with other styles. Has a good personality for the character work required. To choreography. Through to Vegas.

Makenzie Dustman. Contemporary. Somber. Emotional. Great music choice. Nice to see someone connect emotionally with the movement, translates to the audience. Vegas.

Austin up next. Minnie Driver the guest judge this time. Mary has some wackadoo hair.

Hayley Erbert. Self described as a "sexy" dancer. Actually quite pretty dancer, doesn't hurt that she's also quite pretty herself. Vegas.

Donovan Gibbs. Really like his dance style. Sort of contemporary with hip hop bits mixed in, or is it the other way around. Very strong, though pulls faces a bit. Bring up the dad for a battle, and the dad is pretty awesome. Vegas.

Dannon O'Brien. Halloween house kid into movie makeup. Seemed like could be a disaster based on prepackage, but actually good, into telling a story. Such a weird sweetheart. Vegas.

Shane Garcia. Stutterer uses dance as a way to get over it. Beautiful, fluid in his animation movement. Something so touching about his dancing. To choreography. Hope he can do it. Through to Vegas!

Daniela Bustillos. Good but not great. Want more from her dancing, kind of subdued, bit boring. To choreography. Makes it to Vegas.

Nick Muckleroy. Strength. Control. Gymnastic moves. Good music choice for his commanding style. Vegas.

Hampton Williams aka The Exorcist. Daughter and girlfriend Darleesha Goggins also come up, they have kind of prepared performance, all doing his sort of style, which is always so engaging. Vegas.

Next week: Boston.

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