Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SYTYCD S10: Memphis Auditions

Wayne Brady joins Mary and Nigel in the final episode of auditions in Memphis. Thank goodness this is the last audition episode, am I right?!

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 - Memphis Auditions by freshfromthe.com
Dorian "BluPrint" Hector - Animation, in same crew as Cyrus from last season. Self-described style as sort of a dysfunctional robot, and I have to agree. A very awesome dysfunctional robot. What is it about this style that's so cool? Vegas.

Curtis Holland - Tapper. Goal is to be the fastest tapper, and certainly he's fast, but I think in concentrating on speed he loses some style. Not very graceful. Choreography. Through to Vegas.

Tucker Knox - Contemporary. Quite beautiful. Fluid. Emotional. Great that he came back from his terrible accident to be able to dance like this. Vegas.

Courtney Thurston - Contemporary. Has a lot of potential, though not the greatest with transitions between power moves. After much hoopla with her dad, Vegas.

Shanshan Qiao-Rothlisberger - Traditional Mongolian dance balancing bowls. Quite beautiful, actually. Wanted it to be longer, too. Choreography. Through to Vegas despite fake out.

Nico Greetham - Love his music choice. Very cool, unique style to him. Jazz style of dance, though Mary says it all when she says it wasn't long enough. Vegas.

Elyse Frelinger - Trapeze instructor turned dancer. She's actually pretty good. Judges all mention liquid and fluid. Vegas.

Jenna Johnson - Cha cha. They're really good. I'm not always a huge fan of the ballroom style, but they're pretty entertaining. Too bad he's too young to try out. Vegas.

Novien Yarber - Contemporary concentration on masculine movement rather than flowery arms. Nigel loves it, which is hilarious because he wanted to concentrate on the masculinity because he knows Nigel likes that. Not to say he's not good, because he is too. Vegas.

Isabel Freiberger - Salsa. They do have a lot of cool tricks, as advertised. Very entertaining. To choreography. Doesn't make it through.

Caleb Brauner - Contemporary. Cute, could become cloying a la Kent. Audition is only okay, though, kind of wish he would've combined the contemporary with the hip hop he says he's studied forever. Judges have him do some hip hop moves. Vegas.

Larry Booze - Hip hop. His footwork is pretty amazing. Very fluid, just glides across the stage. To choreography. Decides to withdraw.

Jasmine Harper. Contemporary. Ex of Cyrus. I kind of love her. Has a raw quality to her movement, graceful. Vegas.

Paige Pellicano - Jazz. Dad is the Elvis impersonator. Good dancer but doing a lot of what I call hair dancing - lots of flipping the hair all around the place. Judges say have potential but needs to be more emotionally connected. To choreography. Doesn't make it.

Next week - Vegas!

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