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SYTYCD S10: Top 20 Performance Show

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 - Top 20 Perform by freshfromthe.com
Fun opening tonight, they've never really done anything like this before with the whole bit through the studio and including the choreographers and judges. I wonder if that was really all one shot done live or if they did a bunch of takes. Pretty cool if just one shot. Great choreography by NapTab.

Mariah & Carlos. Jason Gilkison jive. She definitely looks out of her element. Not flick kicking quite hard enough, which is a shame because I really like her. He seems to be handling it pretty well. The last lift looked labored, eesh! Mary comments on it being fast for them and that it seemed a bit labored. I always feel great when I think the same as the judges, ha! Worried they may be in the bottom, though, aww.

Jasmine M. & Alan. Travis Wall contemporary. Blindfolded. That's pretty risky for a first week dance. Love her dress. They're pretty dang good, actually, for not being able to see each other (or see each other very well). Probably good that Alan's used to being a partner, more trusting/trustworthy.

Malece & Jade. Travis Wall jazz. Two Travis Wall routines in a row? That seems super weird. All I can seem to think about is how tiny he is. Cool concept, can't help thinking it would've been much cooler with other dancers, though. Apparently they really improved over the dress rehearsal.

Jenna & Tucker. Tyce Diorio broadway. Yiiiiigh. I guess I shouldn't have preconceptions, but I almost always hate broadway. They definitely seem polished and look like they could be on Broadway themselves, just not sure I really particularly care about the routine. And what's with all the kissing? Sheesh. Nigel calls them a power couple.

Brittany & BluPrint. Sean Cheesman afro-jazz. Oh boy. Could be great or a disaster. Decent job, not awesome but not bad. BluPrint better than may be expected, but sometimes want him to have more expression in his face. Kind of don't know much about Brittany, she could get in bottom due to lack or memorable-ness. Judges all commend BluPrint, Mary even gives them a train scream. Wow.

Alexis & Nico. Christopher Scott hip hop. I think she actually has more swag than she lets on. Pretty fun routine. Nigel doesn't think they felt the routine at all, which I can see a little bit, sort of like doing steps rather than dancing through. They could end up in the bottom based on these comments. Alexis gets way too over the top with the voting numbers bit, hate when they get too hammy like that.

Makenzie & Paul. Jason Gilkison Viennese waltz. Oh boy, that's a dreaded pick, particularly at the beginning. It's just so vanilla. Something seems a little bit off about this routine. Her uncomfortableness with the style is showing through. Paul's doing a decent enough job trying to partner, but just felt weird from her for me. Judges just give them good comments, though. Okay?

Jasmine H. & Aaron. Sonya Tayeh jazz. Two tallies together, thank goodness. Her legs are insane! The splits, loved that slow one she did. That was a pretty cool routine, they got down into it, though I confess my eyes were drawn to her the entire time. Loved Wayne's "creepy" comments, and the judges all comment on her legs too! Ha!

Hayley & Curtis. Christopher Scott hip hop. Interesting that two of the tappers get hip hop in first week. That girl is dang sexy, sheesh. Thought they both did a good job, was a cool routine. Mary comments on stage presence, which I think is a great comment.

Amy & Fik-Shun. Sonya Tayeh contemporary. Fik-Shun gets the pimp slot, huh? Not a surprise! Great routine, wouldn't know he's a hip hop dancer by that. Very strong from both of them. Cats her first chills of the season. Great comments from the judges, these two are definitely safe. Glad Fik-Shun brought it tonight, was worried based on last week!

So, there you go! Do you have any early favorites? Any dancers you think are in danger? Am I wrong, or is it normally couples that get votes and not individuals at this point in the competition? Seemed like it was couples in the past but maybe I'm wrong.

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