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SYTYCD S10: Top 20 Perform, 2 Eliminated

The show opens with a group number that's fun, kind of reminds me of something though I'm not sure quite what. Like a circus Nutcracker or something? Tyce Diorio choreographed that, which just makes me think he's always better at group choreography than pairs.

Joining Nigel and Mary for the first episode of eliminations is returning judge Christina Applegate.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 - Top 20 Perform, 2 Eliminated by freshfromthe.com

Bottom Three Girls: Mariah, Mackenzie, Brittany
Bottom Three Guys: Alan, Jade, Carlos

Right off the bat! Whoa! And no tap girl and Colombian boy in the bottom?! Nuts! The judges get to choose two dancers to immediately go to safety. And they are...

Alan and Mackenzie. The other four have to dance for their lives immediately. And if they're cut, they still have to dance later?! Oh man, I hope Mariah doesn't go! I love her! Ack! She has to start immediately!


Mariah - She really doesn't look like a Krumper from the outside. Hope that was enough.
Carlos - Great song choice. Does a great job with musicality. Wish he had more time, really.
Brittany - A lot of arm twirls. Hard to make ballroom look good in a solo. Since there's another ballroom girl, she's probably in trouble.
Jade - Pretty cool solo. Fluid. Also connected well with the music.

Eliminated: Nigel comments he's somewhat disappointed in the solos, but admits their decision isn't entirely based on the solos, but also from Vegas, what the choreographers have said, rehearsals, and how they'll grow. Carlos & Brittany are out.

Honestly I'm not surprised by this decision, but it's odd to have them perform later still. Weird decision. Hope it doesn't mess up their partners, eesh!

Now, on to the routines...

Hayley & Curtis - Ray Leeper jazz. Whoa, those boots! Okay routine, kind of lacking a wow factor for me, though. Like, blah? I dunno. Just me? Judges seem to lurve it, though I do have to agree that I think Hayley could go far. Christina gives constructive criticism, which is why she's a good judge.

Jasmine H. & Aaron - NapTab lyrical hip hop. Her outfit is really not the most flattering, I'm never a fan of those high-waisted pants. They had good emotion for the most part, the routine didn't make me too crazy, though. I'm hard to please anymore! Judges all effusive about it.

Malece & Jade - Nakul Dev Mahajan Bollywood. Oh boy. Bollywood can either be great or terrible. Not the sharpest in their hand movements, but the routine is a lot of fun and moves really quickly, lots of energy. They're an odd couple, aren't they? He just seems way more mature than her.

Alexis & Nico - Stacey Tookey contemporary. Sequel to previous routine from past season about soldier going to war. I'm kind of not sure about Alexis based on this, hard not to compare her to Katherine who was in the original routine, because nowhere near her. Judges are pretty positive.

Brittany & BluPrint - Spencer Liff Broadway. Oh boy, first routine with an eliminated dancer! Interestingly, Brittany shines in this while BluPrint looks fairly uncomfortable to me. Just something very step by step about his moves.

Jasmine M. & Alan - Miriam & Leonardo tango. Honestly, not that surprised that Alan ended up in the bottom, there's something about him that doesn't quite connect. This tango is super sexy, though. Maybe one of my favorite tangos they've done on the show?? Wow, though that last lift was awkward even though Nigel thinks it was impressive. I mean, yes, super difficult, but still a littllllle bit weird.

Mackenzie & Paul - Sean Cheesman jazz. I think Paul has crazy tween fans, there are so many screams for him. Love the music in this. Not entirely sure what the story was supposed to be, but they seemed to dance it pretty well.

Mariah & Carlos - Stacey Tookey contemporary. Second dance with eliminated dancer. I'm kind of sad for Carlos, I think I like him more than I realized. Aww. Shame, because they would probably both be safe with this routine this week. Aw poor Mariah is crying. Now she's going to be with BluPrint, which doesn't seem like a good idea.

Amy & Fik-Shun - NapTab hip hop. Wait a minute, they get the next to last slot after getting the pimp slot last week? I call favoring! Cute routine, though not as good as last week. Lots of big praise from the judges. I mean, yes, they're good, but sheesh are they trying so hard to make these two happen!

Jenna & Tucker - Dmitry Chaplin cha cha. More sexy routines! Sheesh. She certainly looks in her element. He's good but not quite as believable, which Mary actually comments on too! Nigel says not enough cha cha for him, basically dissing on Dmitry's choreography. Oh Nigel.

So, what do you think? Are you disappointed in who was sent home? I'm surprised Alexis and Nico weren't in the bottom, they probably got a lot of sympathy votes after getting harsher criticism last week. Not sure they would've made it through if they had been in the bottom. Any early predictions for top dancers?

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