Tuesday, July 9, 2013

SYTYCD S10: Top 18 Perform, 2 Eliminated

Quite beautiful opening number. The volcano thing in the middle of the stage was pretty cool, with the dancers just leaping into nowhere. No wonder I loved it - Christopher Scott and Sonya Tayeh choreographed it! But! One dancer is missing - Jade. He tore his meniscus and has to have surgery, therefore has to withdraw from the competition. This seems to happen every year! I kind of wish they'd bring back Carlos for his spot, though. Poor Carlos.

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The other news - after last week's super weird eliminations at the top of the show, there was fan outcry, so now they're waiting until the end of the show to do the eliminations. As it should be!

We also have two extra guest judges - Erin Andrews (who?) and... Paula Abdul! Hey! She knows dancing, this should be interesting!

In the bottom this week:
Jasmine Mason (What?)
BluPrint (you're lucky, dude)

The guys are lucky because Jade is withdrawing, so neither of them have to dance, but all three girls have to do solos rather than the saving one automatically thing from last week. So many changes on this show! Have to keep up! To be honest, I thought Alexis had the most dynamic solo, but she's the most likely to get cut. We'll find out at the end of the show!

And now on to the couples...

Amy & Fik-Shun. Jean Marc Genereaux Paso Doble. Egads. Now they're at the top of the show rather than near the end. And with a paso! Very Matrix-y vibe. I was half expecting a train wreck, but Amy's so good she elevates Fik-Shun in it. These two really are probably going to go all the way if they keep this up and don't start feeling some backlash.

Jasmine H. & Aaron. Spencer Liff Broadway. This one requires a lot of acting from them; Jasmine seems to be bringing it more. She's pretty on fire. Normally I'm not a huge fan of Broadway pieces, but generally liked this one, though Aaron kind of disappeared to me.

Mackenzie & Paul. Lindsay Nelko contemporary. Their emotional connection seems much stronger than it used to be. Kind of a generic contemporary piece for me, though. Paula actually has some interesting comments tonight, she seems to have much more to say about dancing than singing. Also, can I just say? Paul is hot. Okay. There, I said it.

Jasmine M. & Alan. Sean Cheesman jazz. Pretty fun routine. You know, I think maybe jazz routines tend to be my favorite even though I always think it's going to be contemporary routines? I just like the choppy movement and quirk of the jazz stuff. Gotta say, though, I just don't care about Alan. Judges all say they should've let themselves go more, which I can see.

Jenna & Tucker. Keone & Mariel Madrid hip hop. That outfit on Jenna is HEINOUS. No thank you. I'm not sure what style this is supposed to be? Doesn't seem like hip hop much to me, more like jazz. Not sure this is enough to get many votes, though. Nigel says one of his favorite routines so far? Okaaaaay.

Malece (& Marko). Sonya Tayeh contemporary. Honestly I think Marko is really elevating Malece in this. She seems much more mature. Judges are on their feet and Sonya is dancing in the aisle. Wow. Nigel says pretty much what I just wrote, ha! If only she wouldn't do her little giggle.

Hayley & Curtis. Jean Marc Genereaux Samba. My eyes were drawn to her the entire time, had to remind myself to pay attention to Curtis. There was something a little held back about this routine, though, they aren't getting down into it enough. Not very memorable. Judges give Curtis a lot of flack.

Alexis & Nico. Spencer Liff jazz. Probably their best performance of the whole competition, but I have a feeling it's going to be her swan song, because he really does outdance her in it despite her being pretty good. Judges say it's a shock she's in the bottom but I don't know about that. Poor Nico needs some acne meds. Aw.

Mariah & BluPrint. Luther Brown hip hop. Oh really, a hip hop and the pimp slot? They're really in sync which is tough in such a fast routine. Pretty impressive. BluPrint still has trouble connecting facially, not sure he's every going to be able to really do that how they want. BluPrint looks so crestfallen by the personality comments.

And, finally, the RESULTS:

Jasmine Mason is out! What!!! Oh man, I don't really agree with this decision. Sigh.

Who's in danger next week? Unless they get sympathy votes, Curtis and BluPrint are probably in the bottom again. Not sure who else will join them, perhaps Tucker? The girls were all pretty dang good tonight, so I don't know, might end up being Jenna and Alexis in the bottom again with another girl in there, though I don't know who?!

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  1. As soon as I saw the bottom line-up, I knew Jasmine would get cut. I'm not gonna say that SYTYCD has a problem with supporting minority women in dance.

    But I'm not gonna say they don't have a problem either. It's a bummer, I really loved her jazz routine last night. :P

    Alexis...not so much. She is a great tapper, which is Nigel's pet style...which is why she gets a lot of slack cut for her and gets to stay.

    1. I really don't understand their decision, particularly when I don't think Alexis has much more time in the competition. Jasmine had two great dances and one okay, and Alexis had two terrible dances and one okay... Foul! I call foul!