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Supernatural 9x08 "Rock and a Hard Place"

Recap/review of 9x08 'Rock and a Hard Place' by freshfromthe.com
Re-virginize? Sure!
This season has been pretty good so far, but you know what? I think maybe this was my favorite episode in a while. While the past episodes have been good, there has been somewhat of a lack of witty banter, but this one made up for it. Gotta give props to the writer, Jenny Klein! As you may remember, I did an interview with her back when she was the writer's assistant for the show. Way to go on her first solo episode!

Anyway, let's get down to business here. Some people have gone missing near Sioux Falls, which happens to be Sheriff Jody Mills' territory. When one of the missing persons is kidnapped by someone who can lift a truck with their bare hands, she figures that she probably should call in the big guns, so Sam and Dean head on out to check out what's what.

It turns out, all of the victims thus far have belonged to the same church. Not only that, they have all belonged to a specific subset of the church, a chastity group that agrees to a vow of abstinence. In order to get closer to figuring out what's taken the missing people, Sam and Dean sign agreements to re-virginize themselves and vow to stop with the sexing, which is a pretty hilarious concept for a guy like Dean.

Recap/review of 9x08 'Rock and a Hard Place' by freshfromthe.com
Be careful or Jody will smack you in the face too.
They attend their first meeting of the club, led by a hottie named Suzy that Dean can't take his eyes off of (and he delivers a hilarious monologue that gets all the pent up ladies hot and bothered). Sam finds out that the girl who went missing at the top of the hour, Honor, was not so honorable in her chastity vow. In fact, she broke it! And Jody finds out some of the other snatchees were similarly not upstanding. So whatever is taking these people in big blue balls of light is not taking virgins, but rather people who are breaking their virginity vows!

Which is bad news for Dean, because he has escorted Suzy home in hopes that he's going to get some. At first it doesn't look so good, but then he finds some rather not inconspicuous casa erotica videos featuring dearest Suzy on the cover looking decidedly not church-y. It turns out, she used to a porn star, and one Dean recalls fondly. Oh yeah, you know they're getting it on. Especially when Dean keeps ignoring Sam's attempts to call him and tell him to, you know, not sleep with the girl and break that vow he just agreed to.
Recap/review of 9x08 'Rock and a Hard Place' by freshfromthe.com
No one can resist that Dean charm.

Because, yes, that's a big deal to the baddie of the week, who Jodi manages to find on the interwebs as Vesta, a roman goddess who basically signs up virgins and then kills them if they break their vows, but first imprisons them, I guess. Because Honor and the others are all down in a hole, and Dean and Suzy soon get thrown down in with them.

Luckily, Dean has an extra cell phone sewn into his jacket that ole Vestie didn't take, so he is able to get a garbled call out to Sam, who hears a train in the background, which leads him and Jody to the farm where they're being kept prisoner underground.

Vesta, who it turns out was the woman who gave the boys a tour and had them sign their vows earlier in the episode, throws Sam about, then gets into some verbal and physical fisticuffs with Jody, who, despite getting stabbed, saves the day and kills the goddess. But not before said goddess tries to do her zappy thing on Sam, only to tell him he's all broken and beat up inside and barely alive. Uh ohs...!

In the end, Jody heads off while Sam laments to Dean that maybe he's sick for good and that's just the way things are. Dean wants to tell him the truth about the angel hitching a ride inside of him, but Zeke hijacks Sam and tells him he's not ready... yet. Not until next week's midseason finale, I wager, when it looks to be angels galore up in here!

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Random Thoughts:

- They use their real names at the church chastity thing? I thought that was a little bit weird as they always seem to use aliases for pretty much everything.

- It was great to see Jody again and be reassured once and for all that she did not actually die after her ill-fated date with Crowley. Yay Jody! Keep surviving!

- Loved the in-joke about how most all of Sam's lady lovers end up dead.

- I don't always like the more one-off type episodes, but I really enjoyed this one. What about you guys?


Dean: I didn't peg you for church-y.
Jody Yeah, you know, choking on the ladies' room floor 'cause of witchcraft, that makes a higher power seem relevant.

Bonnie: Well, I'll be a squirrel in a skirt.

Tammy: Sex is a racket and God's ball is in your court.

Sam: Every woman I've ever had... relations with... it hasn't ended well.
Dean: He ain't lyin'.

Dean: Always the adios.

Jody: Dragons? Those are a thing?
Sam: Yeah. Too many things are things.

Tammy: What the fudge, lady!
Jody: Wipe your nose, dear.

Jody: Don't get the door for me or anything.

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