Friday, February 28, 2014

King of the Nerds 2x06 "Nerds to the Rescue"

As they were suspecting, this was the last week the two teams were going to be teams heading into the Nerd War competition. Chris decided he would try to stir the pot with Zack and get him riled up so he wouldn't be able to focus. This ended up sort of backfiring as it made him and Jack more determined to win, but valiant effort?

Indeed, math can be hard without paper.
This week's Nerd War was pretty fun. Last year they did something with driving hovers through a maze-like situation, but this year they changed it up. The team had to get through a field of lasers, then solve a math problem at the end in order to free George Takei from his cage of doom. But there was an added twist to getting through the laser maze. The person going through said maze had to be blind-folded, while the other directed them through. Any time one of them would hit a laser, they would have to stand there for an entire minute before starting again. Once they were through the maze, they would then have to solve a math problem involving Tribble procreation to open Takei's cage.

The -ack team (Zack & Jack) were obviously the two from Midas Touch Attack going in, as they're the only two left, with Zack directing Jack through the laser beams. From the Titans of Rigel, Chris would be directing Brian through, since Brian is the smallest and Chris is kind of their leader. It was pretty hilarious how quickly the -acks managed to get through the maze while the Titans floundered. They didn't even get through the whole thing before Jack was working on solving the math equation, which ended up being part of the Fibonacci Sequence (that's what Jack said it was, anyway). I mean, Jack is a statistician, I hope he can solve a math problem. So, yes the yellow team finally pulled through with a victory. They got to go visit the Legacy Effects Studio as their prize, while Chris got to re-think his push button strategy.

Goodbye Chris!
This meant the Titans were finally going to be sent to a Nerd Off for the first time in an eon. They were pretty sure that the -acks would be sending in Chris since he was annoying them so much, so that left them with the decision about who on their team they should also send in. Some advocated for Kayla since she knows science fiction, but she decided to push for Brian to go in as he knows just as much, apparently. In the end, her gambit worked, and it was the laser maze team going up against each other.

The Nerd Off this time was two-fold. First, they each had to answer science fiction-related questions. Then, if they got the question right, they got to fire a nerf gun at some ships. Some ships were worth more points, etc. So whoever got the most points in the end would be victorious. Brian did better at first, but then Chris started to have a comeback, and I was wondering if we were in for a similar ending to when he went up against Kelsey. But, no, in the end, Brian proved victorious, sending Chris packing.

So, yes, one of the top three vote-getters in my poll of who you all would like to see win was ousted this week. Now that the competition is going to be more individual, I'm wondering how much of a chance Xander has in this thing. He's been kind of riding on his teammates coattails of late, not competing in this week's or last week's Nerd Wars. Even though he is definitely the most likeable, should he really win? Kayla is now the only girl left, so I'm wondering if the producers will try to keep her in despite whatever may go on, if they are that puppet-y. And what happens now that everyone is going up against Zack alone? No one wants him to win, but who can defeat him? Things are winding down in this competition, so we'll find out soon enough! Vote again for who should win now that Chris is out!

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  1. it wasn't fibonacci, which is 0, 1, 1, 3, 5, 8, 13..., it was pascal's triangle

  2. Yeah I had to look it up but I did recognize that it was not the Fibonacci sequence.