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Supernatural 9x16 "Blade Runners"

In case you forgot, because I kind of did, Dean got that handy, or should I say arm-y, Mark of Cain some episodes back. You know, when they sent Crowley off looking for the First Blade, which is apparently the only thing that can kill Abaddon? Right, yes, of course, we all recall this one hundred percent.

Recap/review of SUPERNATURAL 9x16 'Blade Runners' by freshfromthe.com
The power, the power!
Anyway, the brothers finally have this on their mind, and are wondering just what in the world Crowley is doing and why he's drunk dialing Dean without any apparent news. Well, it turns out he's been holing up with a lady demon cracking out on human blood. I guess it's become something of an addiction, because it makes him feel and etc. When the lady demon betrays Crowley and gives information over to Abaddon's demons, Crowley has to kill the lass.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are resorting to summoning a crossroads demon that takes the form of Snooki for no apparent reason other than to show she's a pretty terrible actor. Oh but also to tell them she doesn't actually know where Crowley is, just that he had been looking in the ocean, which we know was where the blade was supposed to be.

Crowley finally calls the boys for help out of his bit of a jam, and they find out that he did go looking for the blade, but it had been taken already by someone else, who gave it to someone else, who sold it to someone else, etc. So they have to track down the last person it was sold to. This leads them to a national historical archive of some sort that I didn't write down, but even after some of Abaddon's demons try to rob the place of the blade, the blade was already gone. The curator sold it to someone named Magnus.

Now, I'm not sure if we'd heard of the special name Magnus before or if it was just magically introduced by Sam already knowing it, but apparently Albert Magnus is a secret name that the Men of Letters used when they wanted to be incognito. But wait, how would there still be a Man of Letters alive today when they were all massacred back in the '50s? To the record room!

It turns out, one of the Men of Letters was basically ex-communicated because he had some ideas that were a little too radical. He was super good at spells, so they figure he's probably the one who got the blade. Crowley had tried to track him down back in the day, and they go to the last known place he was at and, via some pleading and magical voodoo, find ole Cuthbert hanging out in his invisible mansion with his collection of antiquities.

Recap/review of SUPERNATURAL 9x16 'Blade Runners' by freshfromthe.com
Tut tut, never pull a knife on Sammy.
At first he seems like a reasonable enough dude, but it soon becomes clear he's a bit unhinged. You know, the keeping a zoo of supernatural beings is probably a hint that all is not on the up and up. When he finds out that Dean has the Mark of Cain, he poofs Sam right out of there and basically says he wants to keep Dean to be one of his pets. He even lets Dean get his hand on the blade for a moment, which makes his mark glow all red like and sends basically like waves of killer power through him.

Meanwhile, Sam tries to find a way back inside, and with Crowley's help, manages to come up with a spell to do just that. He gets captured again by the dude and tied up alongside Dean, but Crowley is able to slyly untie big D and he grabs that blade and promptly cuts off Cuthbert's head with no ado whatsoever. With the first taste of a kill, he doesn't seem to want to let go of the blade, but Sam manages to get through to him and he does.

Back on the outside, Sam is basically nudging Dean to kill Crowley as they don't really need him anymore. This, despite Crowley being rather helpful. But, Crowley is not entirely un-demony with all of the human blood in him. He steals the blade and tells them to give him a call once they find Abaddon and then he'll let Dean use the blade.

So, one step forward, one step back. Isn't that always the way?

Random Thoughts:

- We don't really see a lot of spellcasting happening on Supernatural, and I suppose with this demonstration of power, you can see why. Spells would make everything really easy.

- Sam, maybe if you hadn't been so rude to Crowley throughout the episode, he wouldn't have felt so compelled to do a double cross there at the end, just saying. I mean, he did get Gadreel out of your head, after all.

- Sam in general is a little unreceptive to others' feelings lately, which is funny since he always used to be the one who was sort of the voice of emotional reason or what have you.

- It's definitely interesting to see Dean face more of a long-lasting supernatural thing happening to him. Sam has had a lot of stuff what with the visions and devil possessions and whatnot. What does the mark mean and what will it do to him long term? Questions I'm sure we'll see addressed as the storyline continues.

- What happens to all of the creatures in that guy's "zoo" now that he's dead? This is one of those refrigerator questions that you don't think about until later.


Snooki appears in the devil's trap.
Sam: Is that, uh...
Dean: Well that explains a lot.

Crowley: You try to play me..? I play the tune everyone dances to.

Crowley (to Dean): You don't know what it's like to be human!

Dean: At least when Cas was human, he was an okay guy. Should've known Crowley would be a douche version.

Dean: When you were saying any of that, did it feel at all creepy?

Crowley: You're right Moose, you can't trust me. But sadly, I can't trust you either.

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