Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Supernatural 9x19 "Alex Annie Alexis Ann"

Well, after last week's meta-rific episode, I suppose we had to sort of expect more of a one-off episode this time around. I'm not sure how many more vampire stories we can have on this show that are still interesting. I guess this was a new twist, and it was nice to see Jody again (and nice for her to still survive), but overall? Not the most memorable. Just truth-talking here.

Recap/review of Supernatural 9x19 "Alex Annie Alexis Ann" by freshfromthe.com
Don't mess with Sheriff Mills.
Anyhow, recap ahoy! A young girl gets shoved into a police holding tank, only to have this young dude come after her later when the deputy or whoever went off to check on some fake breaking and entering. Young dude comes in to see the girl, who knows him, and he flashes some vamp fang all menace-y like right before Jody comes in and chops off his head. Because she's kind of bad ass like that.

She calls in the Winchesters to check on the situation, as it doesn't seem like it's a one off sort of situation. They come to find out that the girl, Alex, is apparently a girl who went missing years before. This vampire clan abducted her and has been using her as a human blood slave for all these years, and she just now was able to get away. But she doesn't seem to want to give up the goods on her vampire family, as it were, so Sam does some research on possible nests. So, Jody and Alex head off to her cabin to hole up while the brothers go in search of the nest.

They find the nest in Nebraska and interrogate one of the brothers left behind. Apparently the real truth of the matter is that Alex was abducted, yes, but she has some sort of Stockholm Syndrome going on and identifies the vamps as her family. She lured many a poor drunken fellow back for their feedings, and now the brothers are worried she is going to double-cross Jody in much the same way.

Recap/review of Supernatural 9x19 "Alex Annie Alexis Ann" by freshfromthe.com
Smolder it, Sam, smolder it.
Back at the cabin, Alex's brethren have tracked her down and drag her off, knocking out Jody on the way. I'm not sure why they decided to just knock her out rather than kill her, but oh well, it means Jody gets to live a bit longer. Sam, Dean and Jody head back to the vampire nest to raid and kill all of the vamps. Dean is less than certain of Alex's future since she appears to be a vamp sympathizer, but Jody is on her side.

They arrive at the nest, and split up, classic bad move style. Dean and Sam deal with the vampire brothers... aka Sam gets captured, Dean gets knocked out, they drain Sam of a lot of his blood so he's all weak and pale, and Dean comes to just in time to go all Mark of Cain on their asses. But where's Jody?

She's down in the basement with Alex and her vamp mama. Literally, now, as vamp mama has decided to finally turn Alex into one of them to avoid such human emotions as regret and guilt in the future. But, Jody has a connection with young Alex, and in the end Alex betrays her mama to save Jody from being killed. She's in the midst of a vampire transformation herself, but as we know from Dean's experience, this is now not something that can't be undone if you haven't drank from a human yet.

So, Sam and Dean head off to whatever the heck is next for them, Sam getting slightly more worried that Dean seems to enjoy the beheading of vampires so much, while Jody and Alex stay back at the cabin, wondering what their futures hold. Together?

Random Thoughts:

- I've seen the woman who played the vamp mama in a lot of other things, it seems. I can't think what exactly. Hmm. Anyone know? I am apparently lazy and don't want to go look it up.

- Sam always seems to be the one who gets captured with a gun to his head. Dean looked rather exasperated this time around, I must say. Like, dude, again with the being captured?

- I hope Jody is at least one recurring character that survives long term.

- Next week's episode appears to be the backdoor pilot for the Supernatural spinoff Bloodlines. Not so sure what I think about that whole possibility. I'm feeling a bit nay on it at the moment, but who knows.


Dean: Look at me, bitch!

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  1. The vamp matriarch was the mom on 'Heroes'.

    1. Ah ha! That's definitely where I know her from. Thanks!

  2. Aren't vamps stronger than men? How could Dean overpower one than? Is he now stronger thanks to the mark?

    1. I think it is because of the Mark that Dean was able to overpower the vamp like that. Whenever he goes into killer mark mode, he seems to get super strong.