Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Favorite Easter Appropriate Recipes

Easter is a bit of an odd duck holiday to me. I guess maybe because I'm not really religious, it's more of a holiday about food and chocolate than it is about anything else. Oh yes, and egg decorating and hunting. Don't forget the egg hunts.

Why did egg hunts become a thing for Easter?! So strange.

Anyway, because it's holiday mostly about the brunch and candy, I figured I would feature some of my favorite recipes ripe for the making this weekend.
You know those little chocolate eggs you can buy, with the candy shell? Yes, cookies are full of chocolate egg bits. Perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Of course, if you're feeling more traditional, you can make some sugar cookies. These aren't cutout cookies, but rather a much lighter and flakier cookie. You can still add some cute sprinkles to Easter it up. Yep, using Easter as a verb now!

I've made this for a couple of Easter brunches, and it has always been a hit. Monkey bread is a pretty simple idea. Chunks of bread bits rolled in some butter and cinnamon-sugar and topped with a delicious glaze. You can't go wrong.

Challah Bread is seriously awesome. Especially when it's homemade. It can bit a bit on the labor intensive side, but the good news is, you can make this ahead if you're going to use it for french toast, because, ummm... yeah. French toast is always better with slightly stale bread, as it will soak up your milk/egg juices more.

 Another great brunch option if you want to bring something to a party pre-made. This is basically a loaf version of a cinnamon roll situation. What you'll love the most? Pulling it apart with your hands.

 I wish I had a better picture of this lovely thing, because this does not do it justice. I will make it again someday and remedy that situation. But this is great for more of an afternoon brunch. It's got a slightly dessert-feel, but there's also fruit, so you know, some health factor. This is a staple in my family for most family gatherings, and you should definitely try it if you haven't.

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