Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SYTYCD Season 11 Auditions - Atlanta

It's the last week of auditions for So You Think You Can Dance, this time in Atlanta. Somehow it seems like it's been taking forever and has passed by really quickly at the same time. This year, the callback round will not be the famous Vegas Week, which is definitely odd, as I haven't been able to type straight through to Vegas this whole time either. Change! Bah! Anyway, on to tonight's auditions in Atlanta...

Lil Buck joins Nigel and Mary for the first night of auditions.

Mariah Reives - Jazz. She loves putting humor in her dancing, but it feels very stagey, broadway-y, that is... pretty fake. Her actual dance moves are really good, though. She gets a standing ovation, though. Straight on through.

Erik "Silky" Moore - Hip hop. Auditioned twice before as a tapper. They're spending a lot of time with him, even pausing his audition, which is a little weird. He's actually really good, lots of personality in his movement and as Nigel said, musicality in his movement. The amount of time they're spending on him makes me think he might be going pretty far. He gets straight through.

Kelly MacCoy - Jazz. I guess it's just a thing for jazz dancers to be a little face-y? She's doing a lot of hair and face work and not a lot of actual dancing other than flipping her body around. She gets a ticket, though, which I'm not really sure about. Eh.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 - Atlanta Auditions by freshfromthe.comChristopher "Mr. Strange" Griffin - Founding member of Dragon House, where Cyrus and BluPrint came from in previous seasons. I'm not sure about his song choice, but he does have some good moves. Straight through.

Conrad Dechabert - Auditioned before, they apparently said he was too feminine before, and now he is covered in tattoos. Determined to be more masculine this time. It was pretty strong dancing overall. He gets a ticket.

Taveaus "Dynamic" Woods - Hip hop. Fik-shun is his best friend. He's quite a bit more reserved than Fik-shun though. When he dances, though, he comes alive. He's so fluid in his moves, definitely a unique style apart from Fik-shun. He heads on to choreography. He doesn't get through... it was pretty bad.

Brandon "Sideshow" Feinster - Funk style, popping and locking. Although as Nigel points out that he wasn't doing much pop-locking. It was a bit more fluid. He does a lot of talking back, which is never very good for prospects. He doesn't get through, mostly because of that I believe, and he keeps ranting after.

For day two in Atlanta, Jenna Dewan-Tatum joins the judging panel.

Ricky Ubeda - Contemporary. He has some crazy extensions. He's just really awesome in general, really. I can see him going really far in the competition. Nigel even comments that he can see him going all the way, and he gets a Mary woo hoo. Straight through.

Marissa Milele - She made it to the green mile last season. She's super strong. I feel like she could beat some people up. A lot of tumbling moves. She gets a ticket.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 - Atlanta Auditions by freshfromthe.comElaine Kimble - Sad story about her mom having a stroke, and she has the same hole in her heart that caused her mom's stroke. Thankfully she is a good dancer too. Judges think she played it a bit safe. Through to choreography. She makes it through.

Brandon "Crazy Legz" Jacobs - ATL Cranking. Cranking is kind of like... fast stepping? His freestyle before the music seemed better than his actual routine, but it was still pretty good. Can he do other things? Send him to choreography, but he doesn't make it through.

Angelina Granitz - She comes off as a bit strange and kooky. Her dancing is much darker and more emotional. Nigel comments it's almost like two people, and I agree. She becomes a different person when she's dancing. She goes straight through.

Cristina Moya-Palacios - Contemporary. She's pretty dang good, has good extensions. Strength to her movement even though she is so tiny. They give her a ticket without even talking to her at all.

Jerrod Swain - Animation popping and ATL cranking. He has a lot of humor in his movement that actually comes across pretty genuine. Not sure how much real dancing he is doing, but it is a lot of fun. He gets through to choreography, but he doesn't make it through.

Well, that's it for the auditions! Next week is callbacks, which is often one of my favorite weeks of the show, but also one of the hardest to recap. Do you have anyone you are rooting for yet? I think that Ricky kid from tonight is probably going to make the show. That one Krump girl, if she can do other stuff even halfway decently probably has a good shot as well, as we hardly ever see hip hop style girls make it very far.

Until next week!

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