Wednesday, June 11, 2014

SYTYCD Season 11 Auditions - Los Angeles and Philadelphia

It's interesting that this season they are splitting up the audition cities every week so far. I think I kind of like it? That way the judges get mixed up every week. Perhaps it's for time rather than any other artistic reason, but I'll pretend. How are you all feeling about this season so far? I was just reflecting on how they don't really show bad auditions anymore. Do you guys remember the days of the wacky auditioners they would feature? Thank goodness those days are gone. We just want to see good dancing, and that's why we shall again ignore a certain Bieb.

First up tonight... the second half of the LA auditions with Christina Applegate as the guest judge. And here we go...

Serge Onik and Alla Kocherga - Ballroom couple - Latin ballroom? Serge made it to the green mile last year but not onto the show. I have to say he is one of the better ballroom guys I think I've seen audition so far. Got a little bit distracted by her dress going up a wee bit too high at the end of the audition. They're straight on through of course.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 - Los Angeles and Philadelphia Auditions by freshfromthe.comTimothy Joseph - B-boy. He's doing a lot of flips and such, though I'm not sure there's a lot of dancing going on. More gymnastics and general craziness. They all comment on how they're not sure of his actual artistic nature because of his lack of facetime. They say he can go through to choreography but he's picked up an injury so... will he go on? Dun dun dun. He bows out.

Casey Askew - Contemporary. His style reminds me a bit of Travis Wall. A lot of emotion combined with a lot of quality dancing, and he is straight on through.

Jourdan Epstein - Ballet. They spent quite a bit of time on her backstory about her brother battled addiction, which was what her dance was about. I don't know that I would necessarily get that just by watching the dance, though you can tell it is about something. She goes straight through.

"Johnny Waacks" Gibson - Waacking. He previously auditioned back in season nine, and they're still laughing over the name. I'm still not sure I entirely understand this form of dancing, but it was an entertaining audition. Enough to get on the show? He goes to choreography. He makes it through to the next round.

Malene Ostergaard and Armen Way - Latin ballroom. He previously auditioned last season and was the one who accidentally dropped the girl on her head. Whoops. They have a lot of chemistry together and did quite well. They go straight through.

And that's it for Los Angeles... now it's on to Philadelphia. Joining Nigel and Mary this time around is Misty Copeland, prima ballerina.

Bridget Whitman - Contemporary. I like her song choice. Quiet, and showcases her dancing skills, which are quite good and emotional. She goes straight through. I could see her doing quite well on the show. We'll see!

Amir Sanders - Ballet. Funky ballet? Not sure of the song choice, since it seems maybe too in your face about a point. They are mostly complimentary but do have a few criticisms, and send her to choreography. She makes it through, and I would've been really surprised if she hadn't.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 - Los Angeles and Philadelphia Auditions by freshfromthe.comLandon Anderson - Ballroom, he brings Jenna from last season to audition with him. That split move thing was pretty crazy. He seems like a pretty strong dancer, pretty masculine for the ballroom style, which is good. He goes straight through. They also invite Jenna back as an all-star, which I suppose isn't a huge surprise since they don't have many ballroom all-stars.

Shafeek Westbrook - Tried out previously in season nine and had an attitude problem in Vegas. Hip hop. He's super strong and has some crazy moves, though could use some work on transitions. Send him on to choreography. He makes it through.

And... for day two of Philadelphia, they have Billy Porter joining them on the judging panel.

Stanley Glover - He has a really sad backstory of his mom dying when he was really young and none of his biological family coming to claim him at the guardianship hearing, which is awful! Sheesh. He does contemporary. He has a very strong, animalistic style that goes along really well with his music choice. I'm kind of rooting for this one! He goes straight through, duh.

James "Banks" Davis - Krump. He got shot twice in his knee and almost lost his leg. This is a much quieter style of krump than I think I've ever seen on the show, and it's quite cool. Not so angry as I'm used to, and I really like it. Billy comments on him being a storyteller and I agree, it was full of story in there. Through to choreography. Sadly, he doesn't make it further.

I guess they must not have had many great dancers in that second day of Philadelphia because it was cut rather short! Next week is the last week of auditions before heading into callbacks. Do you have any standouts so far that you think might make the show? Personally I think that Stanley kid from tonight's episode has a real shot at it. Perhaps Bridget as well. Sometimes it's hard to tell, though, but I believe I did have some good predictions the last few years, so who knows!

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