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SYTYCD S11 - Top 14 Perform, 4 Eliminated

I don't often comment on the opening routines for some reason, but I really liked the one from tonight, by choreographer Stacey Tookey. Tonight is a tough night, though, as not two but four of these kids are going to be sent packing until we get our top ten. Helping Nigel and Mary with the decisions tonight is Christina Applegate. And they are letting them do solos tonight as well.

But before they make their decisions, we need to know just who is in danger, and they are....
Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 - Top 14 Perform by freshfromthe.comCarly

And now on to the dances...

Bridget and Emilio - Ray Leeper jazz. I'm not sure I'm really getting creepy demon from this dance, but I am noticing that Bridget is super sharp with her moves. She may be emerging as my favorite girl this season, which I never would've thought from the beginning. The judges are pretty complimentary of Emilio.

Tanisha and Rudy - Mandy Moore contemporary. Tanisha is another one I wasn't sure I was going to be a big fan of, since she is a ballroom dancer. But she is extremely versatile and great again in this contemporary. That one-handed lift thing was pretty crazy too. Definitely fits the seduction theme. The judges all love it.

Serge - Solo time. Always weird to see the ballroom solos. Sad to say I am pretty sure he's going home tonight. While he certainly has some crazy fancy footwork, I don't think they will keep him over Teddy or Casey.

Jacque and Zack - Jean-Marc Genereux paso doble. The music and lighting are super distracting in this one. I'm not sure I would have any idea that was a paso doble if I hadn't been told it beforehand. They danced it well enough, but I'm not sure it was my favorite.

Carly - Solo time. She's doing a lot of strutting, not sure she's doing a lot of dancing other than the long spin move.

Emily and Teddy - Warren Carlyle Broadway. This is a very classic style Broadway routine without the super cheesy factor. Dare I say that maybe it's a little bit boring, though? They don't look quite as light on their feet as I would expect. Nigel comments that they were a bit all over the place near the end, and the others agree as well. Things do not look good for their top ten chances.

Casey - Solo time. Can someone tell these kids that just doing a long spin thing isn't quite enough? I do think he's doing more than Carly did, though.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 - Top 14 Perform by freshfromthe.comEmily - Solo time. Now this is a solo. She actually planned it out and didn't just dance around aimlessly.

Jessica and Casey - Travis Wall contemporary. Well, that seems to be made for them make it through the bottom, doesn't it? These two would've been much better together from the beginning, they have much more chemistry than they had with their other partners. And the judges are on their feet, pretty much securing their spots I think.

Teddy - Solo time. it's nice to actually see Teddy do something in his own style, because honestly I didn't really know he was a hip hop style guy. A fun little routine.

Carly and Serge - Jean-Marc Genereux quickstep. Oh gosh, the kiss of death. Do you need any more evidence of who will be staying? Sheesh. Carly's arms seem a little flaily. Serge is actually kind of killing it in this, but I don't think it's enough. The judges are pretty complimentary, but the praise is a bit quiet if that makes sense.

Jessica - Solo time. She's going full force seductive. I think I liked Emily's solo more, but this was a bit better than Carly.

Valerie and Ricky - Pharside and Phoenix hip hop. Um, I looooved that! You know, I always enjoy hip hop when it's done well. That leg wave thing was pretty amazing, and I was really impressed with both of them in this. They were both getting down and in character pretty completely. Great. The judges all loved it as well; Mary even called it her favorite number of the night.

Top 7 Girls - Mandy Moore routine. If Mandy didn't want it to seem super pretty, perhaps they shouldn't have worn such flowy dresses? They did have the power too as she was talking about. Enjoyable routine to watch. The girls are all very emotional after.

Top 7 Guys - Travis Wall routine. I wasn't sure about the dress pant combo thing at first, but it helps to make it look more like they're in water. Very ethereal routine for a group of guys, which isn't often something you see for a group of guys.

But now it's time to find out who made it through to the top ten from the bottom dancers... And the two they are saving are, to no one's surprise...

Jessica and Casey.

Which means farewell to Carly, Serge, Emily and Teddy.

And one more thing! The all-stars are coming next week. And the first ones to feature are, with their partners...

Rudy and Jenna
Jacque and Chehon
Zack and Amy
Bridget and Brandon
Ricky and Lauren
Tanisha and Ryan
Emilio and Jasmine
Valerie and Ade
Casey and Kathryn
Jessica and tWitch

And... phew! That's it for this week. Are you happy with the top ten? Anyone you wish had made it instead? I feel like so far the eliminations haven't been that surprising. Now is when it will start to get a bit tougher. None of the routines tonight were outright bad, so I'm not sure who may be in danger next week. Are they also going to go down to just two each in the bottom instead of three at this point too? I can't really remember what has happened in the past (am just too gosh darn lazy to go look it up). I don't think I can make predictions this time! Ack!

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