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SYTYCD S11 - Top 4 Perform

Can you believe we're only one week away from the finale? Where has the summer gone? Gone fast away, is what it's done. Anyhow, joining Nigel and Mary on the judging panel tonight is Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who we haven't seen in quite some time. Tonight the dancers are just performing, and their votes from last week and this week will be combined together for the final vote to determine who wins next week. And as a side note, Cat looks great tonight in that sparkly fringe number.

Okay! On to the dances. Tonight everyone dances together and with an all-star.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 - Top 4 Perform by freshfromthe.comValerie and Ricky - African jazz from Sean Cheesman. You know, I am quite often critical of Valerie, but she seemed pretty great in that one, though I do think she had a bit of a weird face sometimes. That was definitely a highly energetic routine and they were in sync how they were supposed to be.

Jessica and Zack - Broadway from Spencer Liff. That was a super cute and fun routine. I rarely like Broadway numbers, but that one felt more like a jazz piece than anything. They were both really great in it as well, they look like they could go straight to Broadway right now. I always wonder when they have a dress that whips around a bit if it can be a bit distracting or if it ever gets caught in the shoe funny. Anyhow.

Valerie and Zack - Contemporary from Tyce Diorio. I know we already saw them do a tap routine together, but I kind of wish we were again. Oh well. Valerie has to act blind in this one. Tyce loves to do stuff like that. But I feel like it gives Zack a bit of an advantage because he is really doing more dancing than her. That was overall a quiet routine, more acting than dancing really.

Jessica and Ricky - Jazz from Ray Leeper. Obviously nothing can really top their other routine together, but that was still a lot of fun from them. They were hitting it hard. It's really too bad we haven't seen them do more routines together because they really do work really well together.

Jessica and Valerie - Bollywood from Nakul. I don't think we've ever seen a two girl version of the Bollywood, have we? It felt a little short for some reason. I thought Jessica was a bit sharper in her hand movements, though Valerie still did well. Jessica just looked like she felt a little bit more comfortable.

Zack and Ricky - Hip hop from Phoenix and Pharside. That routine was tons of fun, probably my favorite of the night so far. They were both hitting it incredibly hard, honestly they both did it so well, could not tell that they aren't hip hop dancers. If I had to give it to one of them, since it was technically a battle, you know what? I have to give it to Zack! I think he hit it just a little bit harder. Yeah Zack! They get one of the only Mary screams of the season, and yes they deserve it.

Valerie and all-star Aaron - Tap from Anthony Morigerato. This is a classic example of telling a story without any words. Their feet are doing all of the talking here, and it's great that you can do that with tap. That was definitely a fun number, and I'm happy that we got to see some tap in the performance finale. "Nigel's on a Burning Man vibe, he loves everybody!" Haha, thanks Cat.

Recap/review of So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 - Top 4 Perform by freshfromthe.comRicky - Solo. Wow. Definitely one of the best solos I think I've ever seen on this show, and I've seen a lot of them.

Ricky and all-star Kathryn - Contemporary from Stacey Tookey. Ethereal, quite beautiful routine. I liked the soft music in this one; it really complimented the routine very well. Crazy that he went from that hip hop to this contemporary without breaking a sweat. "Hey Ricky you're so great, if you were older we could date" - that's just one of the many bon mots from Jesse Tyler Ferguson tonight. And then Nigel brings it around to suicide issues, eesh.

Valerie - Solo. Did she just dance to a song of her own name? I honestly wish she would've just done one without any music, but whatevs.

Zack and all-star Aaron - Tap from Anthony Morigerato. That routine brought a big smile to my face. They are really on par with one another. And I really loved that ending bit where they were matching the beats to the music so well. I always love to see Zack do tap because he really is so great at it. I'm not writing about it a lot necessarily, but it was one of the best of the night as well.

Jessica - Solo. Interesting choice of doing the same son as she did in her audition. Is this the same routine in general? Wait, did I miss that that's what they're all doing or is it just her? Confused!

Jessica and all-star Robert - Contemporary from Travis Wall. Well, as if you would expect anything less than greatness from that combination of dancers and choreographer, right? I also liked the red lighting for that routine, it really made it stark and cool with that song selection.

Zack - Solo. Never knew he had to go to choreography in his audition! Interesting. That was a fun little routine, it was nice to see him pair to some music well at the end there.

Well! That's it for tonight! Next week is the big finale. Who are you hoping to see take home the crown? Do we think there will be an upset or does Ricky just have this in the bag already? The only one I would be upset at seeing win would probably be Valerie. She's good, yes, but not the best left here. Until next time!

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