Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Round Up

Apocalypses are all the rage in media lately - from movies to TV to books, you pretty much can't escape an apocalypse story. And, well, if you are following climate change, we may be in for a slow apocalypse already in motion. The slow apocalypse is just one type that this article talks about, along with nine others. Pretty interesting to see how many of these are really just a variation on the virus theme. The image topper above is the first image that came up when I did a google image search of "apocalypse." Interesting that it features London!

I know I've spoken a bit about Harry Potter before, but right now the internet is abuzz after a mysterious tweet JK Rowling posted. If the rumor mills are to be believed, the tweet basically says that Harry Potter may be returning! Some people have started to debunk this theory, I think, but you never know.

Have you been watching any of the new TV shows debuting lately? To be honest, not many of them have interested me that much. However, I did watch the premiere of The Flash and am totally on board. But I pretty much knew I would be for that one, especially since it's helmed by some of the Arrow team, which is another favorite series of mine. I did find it interesting how quickly they got Barry into his Flash costume, and that ending scene sure was mysterious. Here's hoping it's as promising as it seems, because the ratings sure were high. Any other new shows you are into? Honestly that is one of the only ones this season that's even been on my radar, which is sad.

If you were a kid in the '90s, you probably watched a lot of Nickelodeon. So many of these shows of yesteryear are having milestone anniversaries lately, and one of said shows this week is none other than The Secret World of Alex Mack. While not my most favorite show of that era (I would probably go with Salute Your Shorts), Alex did still hold a special place with her special powers. This article features a look back and some trivia from Alex herself, Larisa Oleynik, and the creator of the show, Thomas W. Lynch.

In something a little less pop-cultureish, apparently what most women know to be true has been confirmed - men do not have very good memories. Apparently it has something to do with how we are raised to talk about events. Little girls are more likely to be asked about how events have made them feel, which gives them more of an emotional connection, and a longer-lasting memory, whereas little boys... aren't. Interesting because it certainly doesn't seem to be done on purpose that way. So, basically, how parents talk to their kids makes a big impact on how they will develop memories. Crazy!

And because I haven't ended things on a cat gif in a while...

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