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Supernatural 10x01 "Black"

Here we are, back into another season of Supernatural. Season Ten. TEN. I mean, whoa. Did you watch the special on the show last night? It was fun to see clips from many of my favorite past episodes, along with mention of some of the less than stellar ones as well. At least they don't purport that every episode is amazing, haha.

Recap/review of Supernatural 10x01 'Black' by freshfromthe.com
Mystery Man hurts darling Sammy.
Anyway, let's get to the task at hand - the season premiere episode, titled "Black," I'm sure, in reference to demon eyes. I was unsure at first whether Sam already knew what had happened to Dean, but it became clear that he, in fact, did not, only that Dean had disappeared without any explanation, leaving only a note that said, "Sammy let me go." It's not clear how much time has passed since the end of last season, but at least some has passed, maybe one or two months or something? But in that time, Sam has been looking for him non-stop, to the point where he is torturing demons for information.

Meanwhile, Castiel is holing up in some dingy hotel or something, looking rather sickly. I thought to myself - what the heck, why is Cas sick? Then I remembered, duh, his stolen grace is failing. He either needs to steal another grace or eventually he's going to die, but of course he does not want to steal another grace because that means killing another angel, which he tells Hannah, who shows up asking for his help in tracking down a couple of rogue angels who haven't returned to Heaven now that it's back open. The two angels just want to stay on Earth and live among the humans, but Hannah cites rules and whatnot, which results in an angel fight, leading to one of the rogue angels' deaths. Which, you know, might have been useful for the whole grace situation, but maybe I'm nit-picking.

Now, you're wondering where in the heck is Dean during all of this? Well, Dean is living it up in some hole in the wall, just drinking a lot of alcohol and singing a lot of bad karaoke, and bedding a lot of bar girls. Crowley is anxious for them to start their reign of Hell together, but Dean isn't so much into that. He's perfectly content doing just what they're doing. Which, you know, included Dean killing a couple of Abaddon-following demons along the way, sent courtesy of Crowley to keep him sharp and all. But the only way Crowley can get Dean to leave his favorite little bar is by talking to Sam and letting him trace the call.

Recap/review of Supernatural 10x01 'Black' by freshfromthe.com
Jensen does his best to sing bad.
Because, yes, Sam has finally caught wind of Dean, who killed a demon in a convenience store and was caught on camera. The camera also reveals to Sam Dean's new black demon eyes. Sam is convinced that he must be possessed, but Crowley so nicely reveals to Sam that that is not the case at all. Instead, Dean's soul is a demon soul, which is terrible news to Sam. But, he's going to try to go after Dean anyway and reverse it, because that's just the Winchester way.

But before he can get there, he's stopped by some random dude, who has a kid that looks extremely familiar to me. Has that little actor dude just been on some other show or something? Hmm. Anyhow, the mystery man captures Sam and calls up Dean, saying he's going to kill Sam if he doesn't show up. Dean is like whatever dude, that's his problem, not mine. The mystery man insinuates that there is some kind of nefarious history between him and Dean, but we're not quite sure just what that is.

And that's kind of where things end. Sam is captured by the mystery man, with Dean driving off to points unknown, and Castiel hanging out with Hannah, who's less than thrilled at his human sympathies. Just what does this mean for the rest of the season? Hard to say right now. You have to wonder how long Dean will remain a demon. Just knowing this show, it doesn't seem like it will be for a super excessive period of time, but who knows.

Random Thoughts:

- What do you think of the new title card? Going all devil's trap on us this year. Have to wonder if a devil's trap will be used on Dean at some point.

- I'm not sure quite what to think of Demon Dean right now. He still seems very Dean-like, but without much of a moral compass or any kind of guilt. It's hard to say what he feels toward Sam. I guess it's hard to say what a demon soul is supposed to be like. Do they still have feelings? Hmm.

- Just who is the mystery man (they didn't say his name and I missed it, did they?)? And why did his wife look so upset when they realized the photo was of Dean? And who wrote the "Yup" on said photo? And is that kid familiar to anyone else?

- I don't know about everyone else, but I'm a bit over the whole angel storyline. Like, who cares about the angel politics back in Heaven? Boring!

- The opening "Road So Far" music was pretty awesome. Nice choice!


Crowley: Jerk.
Dean: Bitch.

Castiel: I'm sensing awkwardness.

Sam: When Porn Guy came in, did he say anything?
Clerk: Where's the porn?

Crowley: The Mis-adventures of Crowley and Squirrel. Dean Winchester completes me.

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