Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Round Up

The above photo is from the abandoned town of Kitsault, British Columbia. Apparently, the town sprang to life when there was a mine of some kind nearby, but then it was completely abandoned only 18 months after being established. So established that it had a movie theater, a library, grocery store, hospital... but everyone just completely left. The crazy thing is, the power to the town has been left on for nearly 30 years since it was abandoned. Most of the time when you see pictures of abandoned cities, they look desolate and terrible and trashed, but this place? No. It looks pristine. Apparently caretakers go in and upkeep the town in case it could ever make a comeback. I mean, it is rather beautiful, right?

Were you an English major in college? I was. But of this list of the 14 books every English major has read, I've only read... four. Um, yes. Only four. And one of them was completely independent of school, actually (that would be Jane Eyre). The others were never assigned in any of my English classes over the years, interestingly. I read way too much Charles Dickens for my taste, a lot of the Shakespeare dramas, and even more novels from the 19th century from both America and England. Like, Huck Finn, The Scarlet Letter, Wuthering Heights, that one about the girl that had Reese Witherspoon in the movie that I was constantly falling asleep reading, uh.. uh... Vanity Fair! I will say, however, that I always finished every book for my classes. It didn't even occur to me to not do that. I did not, however, watch every single movie in the '70s cinema class I took while abroad in Ireland. Whoops.

Sometimes, I will randomly get Sirius XM for free in my car, and when I do, I inevitably turn it to the '90s station, sometimes with a little '80s thrown in. But, I almost always know every '90s song, while sometimes they play obscure '80s music that just does not interest me. Anyway, this list goes through 21 supposedly terrible songs from the '90s that everyone secretly loves. But, come on, Everybody (Backstreet's Back) is just a catchy dang song. Can you really call it terrible? I do, however, agree with the inclusion of Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden, and no I do not secretly love that song. I have always hated that one. HATERZ GONNA HATE!

In less pop culture-y news and more just sad news, apparently we may be getting more drug-resitant UTIs because of the meat we buy? Egads. Basically, too many antibiotics are being put into the animals, and they are similar to the antibiotics used to treat urinary tract infections, so the more you get the antibiotics in your system, the more likely the infections will develop a resistance to them. So let's just add this to the list of terrible things Americans do to their food. Ugh. It really is hard to buy groceries that are actually healthy these days, which is super annoying.

This is going to sound like a shameless promotion, but I promise it's not. My mom posted a song the other day on Facebook that one of my brother's friend's created with his band. I was like sure I'll check it out, not expecting much, and what! It's amazing! Of course, I am really into the whole electronic indie sound, so maybe I am a bit biased, but it sounds like a professional song regardless, and he just recorded it in his home studio. Anyway, you should check it out. Mermaid in China is the name of the band, which is maybe a hokey name, but the music is quality. Some of it has kind of a '70s vibe to it as well. They have five songs, but my favorite of the bunch is The Average Man.

Listen to their music below:

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