Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Supernatural 10x07 "Girls, Girls, Girls"

What better way to start an episode during Thanksgiving week than by having a scene of Sam and Dean eating. I have definitely missed these small moments between the brothers, just joking back and forth with each other. This time, however, it actually does lead to a case. Coincidence, or just Dean's manly bits steering him toward more Mark-satiating kills? Hmm.

Recap/Review of Supernatural 10x07 'Girls, Girls, Girls'Because, yes, apparently Dean has decided to join a dating app, and has driven himself and Sam eight hours out of the way (out of the way of what?) to hook up with one of the girls. But, it turns out the girl is a bit more than she seems. Not just a hooker, but a soul stealing one. Apparently some demons have started shilling out girls who can get guys to give up their souls for sex. Dean, of course, is not so enthused by that idea, so yada yada yada, demon pimp gets killed, they go to find the demon pimp shop.

Only, they're a bit too late to the party. Before they get there, a witch named Rowena shows up and kills one of the demons with a hex bag-looking thing, and takes the two girls left there off with her to join her witchy ways. Another demon who witnessed the whole thing manages to get the story back to Crowley, who really doesn't seem much like he cares, but in order not to save face, sends some more demons out to capture said witch.

His demon dispatch, however, is no match for the Winchesters, who track down Rowena around the same time. You know, after she killed a snooty waiter by basically making his brains boil out of his head. Classy. While Sam fights off one of her new recruits after she puts a spell on her to become like an attack dog, Dean runs off to chase down Rowena herself. But, before he can do anything, someone decides to show up at exactly the wrong time. You remember that dude Cole? The one who's pissed because Dean killed his father when he was a kid. Yeah, he decides to show up just at that moment, letting Rowena get away. Rather than try to explain himself to Cole before getting physical, Dean just decides eh, let's do some fisticuffs. But in the end, he beats Cole and manages to tell him his side of the story - his dad was some kind of liver-eating monster. So, you know, no harm no foul, am I right?
Recap/Review of Supernatural 10x07 'Girls, Girls, Girls'
No but seriously, he basically tells Cole, along with Sam's help, to get out of the monster-hunting life and go back to his family while he still can. Is this the last we see of bad timing Cole? Honestly I kind of went "blah" when he was brought back. Just not sure I care much about him as a character.

Meanwhile, Castiel and Hannah are still off on their... whatever it is. I mean, what exactly are they trying to do, anyway? Round up angels... for what? Anyway, there is some major sexual tension brewing between the two of them, but it is rather rudely interrupted by the husband of Hannah's vessel, who managed to track her down via credit card use. Hannah is so flustered by this encounter that she decides it would be better to just leave humans alone entirely, and vacates her vessel's body. Does that mean her essence goes back up to Heaven or does she just like, dissipate, or what? This leaves poor Castiel alone to... do whatever it is he's doing. Honestly, who cares?

Now you may be wondering where Rowena got off to. Or maybe you weren't really wondering, but it turns out she wasn't so lucky, and ended up being captured by some demons anyway. But when Crowley goes to see her face to face, it turns out she's rather familiar to him. His... mother? Dun dun dun!

Random Thoughts:

- Loved Sam's "Impala67." Hahaha so funny.

- I have to say that this season has seemed to pick up some steam lately. While this episode wasn't perfect or anything, it was still pretty entertaining, and the new Crowley-Rowena family connection will be interesting to see develop. As soon as he looked all slack-jawed seeing her, I knew she had to be related to him in some way or something. 

- Is there a point to this angel storyline anymore? I mean it just seems to be Castiel, like, driving around, looking for angels? And I was actually starting to enjoy the possible romance with Hannah, and then poof, gone.

- What was really the point of the Cole storyline? It kind of seems like he's going to go away now, but maybe not. It just seemed like an obvious way to show the whole Dean is evil versus Dean is good stuff.  Though it was nice to see Dean get to fight someone at his same strength level. The boys always get thrown around so much by the monsters and demons.

- The show hasn't dabbled a great deal in witches, only just a little bit here and there, so it will be interesting to see where that goes, particularly now that it has a connection to Crowley as well.


Sam: You're on a dating app?
Dean: Yeah. And you know what, don't knock it until you try it.
Sam: Nice screen name, Dean. Impala67.

Sam: We detoured eight hours so you could get laid?

Rowen: The King at last. King of what, Lilliput? I mean I heard you were short, but...

Crowley: Mother?

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