Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Round Up

Some of you may have noticed that I missed last week's Friday Round Up. Sorry about that, but I was out in Florida and honestly hadn't much looked at the internet all week, and didn't even remember until Friday was almost over that I missed the post. I'm sure you're all just devastated (I kid).

Anyway, here we are back at it again! And can you believe we're only two weeks away from Christmas right now? Where has the month gone?!

Speaking of Florida, did you hear about the Orion launch last week? (For those who don't know, the Orion is a spacecraft that they are hoping to take humans to Mars in the coming years, pretty cool stuff!) I tried to watch it in person, but was foiled. On the first day, wind kept delaying the launch, then they had a mechanical issue, so it got delayed to the following. Cut to the following day, and when the rocket is going off, we run outside, only to find that it's all cloudy and rainy. No rocket trail to be seen. We did sort of hear it, but it was kinda sad. But! Not so sad? I got to go to Harry Potter world at Universal Studios. My plan is to write up a review of sorts with some of my pictures and possibly some video; hopefully it won't take too long!

It's the end of the year, so there are quite a few best and worst of 2014 lists going around. I've even got a couple coming up in the rotation. Mine are about books and TV, but this one is all about the worst movies of 2014. I'm not sure I necessarily agree with them putting Horns on the list, because while it was a bit all over the place, it certainly does not deserve a worse spot than Transformers, in my opinion, which I barely could stand to sit through half of. Seriously, why do those movies keep making money? It really bums me out, because honestly, all of you people who saw Transformers? I wish all of you saw, say, Whiplash, which is actually worth seeing.

I did mention that I will be featuring my favorite books of 2014, but here is Kirkus' official list of the best YA books of 2014, which honestly tend to be my favorite genre. You can also see what their lists for other categories are as well, if you're not so into the young adult novels. Honestly, I haven't read any of the books on their list, but I'm sure they are all pretty good. I only have so much time for reading, though. Sadness.

Now for something different - have you ever wondered what would happen if you drank a bunch of Coke every day? Well, one guy decided to try drinking 10 cans of coke for 30 days to see what would happen. Needless to say, not good things. He gained a bunch of weight and became kind of addicted to it. Another woman tried sticking a tooth in a cup of coke to see how well it would fare. Yeah, not great either. Gross. I pretty much never drink pop (or soda as you may call it), as I'm not a fan of carbonated beverages in general, but this just gives all the more reason why we shouldn't. Yuck.

I don't often see sizes listed as "one size fits most" in clothing stores, but apparently it is a thing in some places. Buzzfeed decided to have a group of its female employees all demonstrate what certain pieces of clothing would look like on different sized women, and let's just say the only person any of the clothes looked halfway decent on was the girl who was a size 0. How many girls do you know that are a size zero, regardless of their height? Not a lot? Yeah, me either. One of my best friends is pretty tall and she has a hard time just finding clothes that aren't cut too short for her waist or legs. I often have a problem with pants not having enough thigh/butt room, or if they do, then the waist is too big. I mean, every girl comes in a different size. One size fits most is just silly.

And, just for fun, let's end it with a cat picture:

Such varied and pretty kitties!

Until next week!

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