Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Supernatural 10x10 "The Hunter Games"

Well, my friends, winter break is officially over. Sad, I know. But that does mean Supernatural is back from hiatus. So what are the wacky Winchesters up to this week? Well, as you may recall from the last episode, Dean went a little nutso on Castiel's former meatsuit Jimmy's daughter Claire's adopted dad and some other dudes. Whoa, if you could follow that sentence, good for you. So, yeah, he basically killed a bunch of humans. A bunch of despicable humans, but humans nonetheless, which is an altogether big no-no for the hunters of all things that go bump in the night.

Recap/review of Supernatural episode 10x10 'The Hunter Games'Sam and Castiel are naturally a bit appalled, though I should say Dean is also rather appalled too, and perhaps moreso than them. They need to figure out how to get rid of the Mark right quick, before Dean gives in more and more, etc. The only person they can think of that may know how to do that is Metatron, so Cas gets him on loan from Heaven to interrogate. But this is Metatron we're talking about, he's not going to be super forthcoming with the info unless it does something for him. He does give them one clue to start with, though, and that is they need the first blade. You know, the blade they had Crowley hide not too long ago, the one that makes Dean go even crazier with blood lust? Yeah, that blade.

Speaking of Crowley, he's been hanging out with his mum, who is doing all she can to appear to be contrite about her past actions, to get on his good side. But, as witches are wont to do, she's not being entirely honest. Instead, she spies on Crowley and overhears when the Winchesters tell him they need to the first blade back. She has one of Crowley's lackeys take it and then kills him, pretending that he was betraying Crowley. Crowley seems inclined to believe her, but hopefully he's not a complete doof.

Meanwhile, Cas is also a bit stricken about what has happened in Claire's life, and wants to help her. She is like oh hellz no and instead goes and hangs out with two imbeciles who are like hey girl, we can definitely beat up and possibly kill that dude who just murdered an entire group of huge men even though we're both scrawny idiots. So she calls up Dean, who Cas has already asked to try to make amends with her, and gets him to meet up. The two dummies try to jump him, but he defeats them rather easily. Claire thinks he's going to kill them, but he holds himself back. In the end, she has a little talk with Castiel and decides she's going to try to straighten up, but on her own. But hey, she might call him sometimes?

Recap/review of Supernatural episode 10x10 'The Hunter Games'Which is good, because earlier he was losing it when he was interrogating Metatron about what he needs to do to get rid of the Mark after procuring the first blade all over again. Basically, Metatron wants a little give and take - he gives, he takes. It's not clear what he even wants for his information, but Dean is less than inclined to give in to his demands, and decides to rough him up a little. He goes so far as to start plunging an angel death blade into his throat when Sam and Cas come in to stop him. Metatron says something about the end being the beginning or some cryptic hooha like that, which may be a clue.

Sam is like well maybe it has something to do with Cain - you know, the one who gave you the Mark? The one who still has said Mark, and has been living with it for hundreds of years? Oh yeah, why didn't we think to try to ask him about it already? That I really cannot say, because duh.

Random Thoughts:

- The recap music is pretty great. Always love when they use their classic rock. And it was edited nicely to go with it too.

- Why would Claire ever think those two would be able to take on Dean after he killed all of those men? I mean, get a clue, girl. That is just stupid. I know you're a teenager, but that really pushed the boundaries of credulity.

- If I'm being totally honest, I was only half paying attention to most of this episode. Although it set up a few things, it was pretty much a filler.

- Not sure what Rowena's ultimate goal with Crowley is. Clearly she has some kind of motive going on, because it seems like she would be able to escape if she really wanted to.


Metatron: What, just like that, social hour is over?

Metatron: As I said, ain't life a bitch.

Rowena: Your mum was a prodigy.
Crowley: Funny, not what I called you.

Castiel: I like texting. Emoticons.

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