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King of the Nerds 3x06 "Murder at Nerdvana"

Tonight's episode gave me a little trip down memory lane. So much so that I thought to myself, dang, I would've been good at that Nerd War. Why was it so memory inducing, you may wonder? Well, let me get there, sheesh, calm down.

Recap/review of King of the Nerds 3x06 'Murder at Nerdvana' by
After last week, Colby was feeling a bit down, and honestly you really blame him when everyone seems to be focused on getting him out? Though everyone is still friendly and really do genuinely seem to want to be friends, it is a bit tough when you know that if you lose the Nerd War, the other team will nominate you to go into the Nerd Off. Jonathan states that he will volunteer to go up against him if their team loses at the top of the hour as well, because he feels bad for sending in Heather. Does this hold true? Well, first they would have to lose for that to matter, duh!

So let's get to the Nerd War. House Hooloovoo and Team Smash had to go head to head in a forensic battle. No, not the speech kind, but the forensic science variety. Basically, they would have to study a fake crime scene to determine who committed the murder of Pom Pom Kitty. Am I supposed to know who and/or what Pom Pom Kitty is referring to?? Yikes.

As I mentioned this challenge brought me back to my high school days. Like some of the contestants on the show, one of my classes had a similar challenge to this, where we had to look at hair follicles and fingerprints to try to determine who was the culprit in a "crime." Though I think we also had shoe size or something, rather than blood splatter, which sounded much more complicated. So, yes, the two teams had to figure out who was the culprit of the murder by studying fingerprints, blood splatter, hair follicles, and DNA samples.

And to be quite honest, House Hooloovoo pretty much creamed Team Smash. It's not as fun when the competitions aren't very close, so that was a bit of a bummer, but it was a bit of Smash's own fault for not reading the instructions correctly in the first place, just sayin'. And yes, for those who were wondering, I may or may not have been the first one to solve my own forensic crime test back in high school. Nerd alert!

Recap/review of King of the Nerds 3x06 'Murder at Nerdvana' by freshfromthe.comNow some politics came into play. While Jonathan had previously stated that he would definitely volunteer himself to go into the Nerd Off, Lily had a sneaking suspicion that the Nerd Off would have to do with horror films, since that was part of the theme of the Nerd War. That put a wrench in Jonathan's plan, because he doesn't know hardly anything about horror films, while Amanda knows a lot. But would that really be the theme of the Nerd Off?

Only time would tell. Hooloovoo voted Colby in as predicted, and in the end Smash voted in Amanda, hoping for the horror challenge. Curtis tried to fake them out by saying it was going to be a math challenge, but it was, indeed, a horror challenge after all. To be more specific, the challenge was all about horror movie quotes. There were three different difficulty levels - easy, medium and hard. Depending on which difficulty you answered, then you could go smash in the brains of one, two or three zombies, respectively. Those would then give you points. So, one part skill, one part luck.

Though both Colby and Amanda got their first medium questions right, Colby got his second one wrong, while Amanda still got hers right. Colby had a comeback in the final round when he got a hard one right and got some big points, but alas, Amanda also chose hard and got it right, and just barely managed to sneak in the win.

Which means it's time to say farewell to Colby. I felt kind of bad for him, because they kept voting him in to everything, which isn't so great for one's self esteem. But, as Raychelle said, he has already won Jeopardy, so is it entirely fair for him to be in the competition? I also find it a bit funny that there are only two guys left and four girls still there. Will we have another female champion? The teams are officially disbanded, so now it's every person for themselves!

Also, what the heck? No preview for next week?! The horror!

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