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Supernatural 10x20 "Angel Heart"

I must say, for an episode that doesn't entirely have anything to do with the whole Mark storyline, I enjoyed this one quite a bit. It may, in fact, be one of my favorite ones of the season, maybe? Who would've thought, particularly since the actress playing Claire is sometimes a bit... questionable with emotional heaviness. Not that I would be any better because I'm not actor. Anyway.

Recap/review of Supernatural 10x20 'Angel Heart' by freshfromthe.comThat's right, it's time to revisit the family Novak. As you may recall, Claire went off to points unknown last we saw her. She turns back up in search of her mother, only to get knocked out by a shifty guy, which gets her in the hospital. The hospital calls up Castiel since he's listed as her emergency contact, and he recruits the boys to help him out. Because, you know, teenage angst was their forte.

So, they track her down, she's snarky, per usual (I would've written the abbreviation here, per the ushe or whatever, but I have no idea how to actually spell that!), yet she has a point. Her mom disappeared two years ago after having stayed in contact via postcards up until then. She knows of a guy in town that her mom mentioned in her journal, and has a postcard from the last place she stayed, so it's a legitimate lead. Cas and Dean go to check out the guy and see what information he has while Sam stays back with Claire to do some research.

Cas and Dean find out that the guy used to basically take people to a supposed faith healer, but Amelia was the last one he took, as he saw the guy was doing some weird stuff to them rather than healing them. He gives up the guy's name, but then tips off the dude, who of course comes and kills him for that.

Sam decides he and Cas should head out to the last place the supposed faith healer was at, while Dean should stay back with Claire because, apparently, his questioning technique earlier was a bit too violent and Mark-y. Not one to sit around go crazy at home, Dean takes Claire to a local putt-putt, and they actually get to know one another a bit better. Claire says something that makes Dean have a revelation about this wound on the guy he saw earlier, and figures out that the faith healer isn't a faith healer, but rather a Grigori angel. Time to go after Cas and Sam, but not before giving Claire a little gun of her own to try.

Recap/review of Supernatural 10x20 'Angel Heart' by
Cas and Sam split up - Cas finds Amelia looking not so hot, and is not able to heal her, to boot, while Sam finds himself face to face with the angel Tamiel, who apparently sucks bits of human soul to get off or something. He gets tied up, but not for long, and unties himself just in time for Dean and Claire to show up. Claire gets a nice little reunion with her mom, who she was super mad at earlier on, but now seeing her all disheveled, is a but more ready for forgiveness.

But their reunion is to be short-lived, as Tamiel would much rather just, you know, kill her. But Amelia steps in to save her daughter's life at the point of a blade, just as the boys come running back in to fight him off. They fight some, Dean gets all anger-faced, but in the end it's a girl with a sword that takes out the Grigori angel. But, her mom's still dead. So, there's that. But at least her mom gets to have a piece of real heaven with her Jimmy.

Claire seems a little better tempered at the end of the episode, despite being hauled off to stay with Jody Mills and that other teenage girl she's got rambling about. Dean lets her keep the angel sword for the future, and there likely will be a future where we'll see her again, it would seem. Hopefully to not just be killed off, as sometimes happens on this show.

Random Thoughts:

- The Winchesters sure get knocked out a lot. Would this not eventually cause brain damage? Oh wait, Cas can just heal them up now, I guess.

- I guess I liked this episode because it felt way more emotional than most episodes have this season. I didn't really like Claire in her other episode this season, but I warmed up a lot more to her in this episode. Probably because of her banter with both boys. I wrote down quite a few quotes this episode, which I haven't done in a while.

- Only three episodes left of the season. I'm still miffed that they are taking a whole dang season to deal with this Mark stuff. I know I've mentioned it before, but some notes could be taken from both The Flash and Arrow here. They certainly would not dilly dally this long.


Castiel: I need help from both of you. You were both troubled teens; you speak her language.
Sam: All right, how is she?
Castiel: I haven't gone in yet, I was waiting for backup.
Dean: Backup? Three men and a lady. Let's do this.

Dean: Come on, give me something to punch already.

Claire: You guys are credit card scammers, too?
Sam: Yeah. Hunting monsters doesn't exactly pay the bills.
Claire: Then why do you do it?
Sam: To help people. Make a difference.
Claire: That's it?
Sam: That's not enough?

Dean: If we stay cooped up all night in this hotel room, I'm gonna lose my mind.
Claire: Spoiler alert: you already have.

Dean: Billy Murray. Caddyshack. It's a classic.
Claire: Never seen it. Not a fan.
Dean: How dare you.
Claire: You done?
Dean: Yeah I'm done. Done with your whole generation.

Dean: You go down this path, it's not a long life.
Claire: I don't know, you seem pretty old.
Dean: Thanks.

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