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Supernatural 10x22 "The Prisoner"

For those of you thinking that the Styne family was going to be the next big bad, I guess, uh, think again? For such a big, bad family that's lasted generations, they seemed to go down pretty easily once Dean was focused enough. But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself again, aren't I?

Recap/review of Supernatural 10x22 'The Prisoner' by freshfromthe.comBasically, Dean is pretty pissed after last week's episode where, you know, the terrible decision was made to kill off Charlie. He pretty much blames Sam for the whole thing, since he was the one who brought her in to try to help decode the book of the damned. While he treks off to find the Stynes and go to town, he tells Sam to stop the whole business of looking for a cure. Or, rather, pretty much orders him to. Because that's always going to work well.

Nonetheless, Sam does go to see Cas and Rowena with the intention of stopping the whole thing, but when he receives the files from Charlie containing the decoder for the book, he decides no, Dean has literally gone to hell and back to save him, so he's not going to stop. He sends Cas off to look after Dean and tells Rowena to get to work. Only Rowena wants her end of the bargain struck now - for Sam to kill Crowley.

Sam, equipped with devil's trap bullets, the magic knife, and a hex bag from Rowena, manages to trap Crowley...for a bit. Though Rowena's hex bag is supposed to kill him, he's just too powerful of a demon for all that. And this murder attempt is going to come back and bite Sam in the butt sooner or later, because it turns out Crowley was acting more docile on purpose, in an attempt to feel something again. But Sam's reminder that he's just a big, bad monster serves as nothing more than a push back in that direction. He burns up the hex bag and, though he could kill Sam, decides to spare him so he can send a message back to Rowena that she's number one on his shit list.

Recap/review of Supernatural 10x22 'The Prisoner' by
Meanwhile, Dean heads to Louisiana in search of the Stynes. He gets pulled over and arrested just as he gets to town by some obviously shady cops who are working for the Stynes, but that only serves as a minor detour on the way to his destination - the house of the family Styne. Though he is met by an ambush of sorts once he gets there, and the manage to knock him out and get him strapped down to try to do some experimenting on the boy who can't die, Dean of course rockets into badass Mark mode and full on kills everyone in the house. Oh boy. Cas shows up just in time to see the leftover carnage, and calls up Sam to let him know of the damage, and that Dean's headed back to the bunker.

That's bad news for some of the other Stynes, who headed to the bunker themselves to ransack and burn down the joint. Among them is one of the younger, less evil-inclined, Cyrus, who earlier in the episode was forced to do some nasty stuff to a bully. He's not so hot on the family business, so when Dean comes in and kills the other two guys with him, he pleads with him to spare him. He's not evil like the rest. Now normal, regular Dean probably would've been fine with this. But Mark-crazy Dean decides that he's some kind of monster still, and just kills the kid.

Cas shows up just after this happens and they have a bit of a confrontation, wherein Cas basically tells Dean they're going to keep trying to get rid of the Mark, because in the end he'll be the one who has to watch him turn darkside over the years. Dean decides to teach Cas a lesson and beats him up a bit, sparing him the angel blade in the end, but seemingly only just. Dean, you're really not selling your compatriots on the idea that you're fine and dandy when you act like that, you know.

Well, until next week's finale...

Random Thoughts:

- I was thinking to myself, where is that Cyrus kid from? I knew I'd seen him somewhere before, and it turns out he was on Being Human. Connor Price, for those wondering. He's been in kind of a crazy amount of stuff when you look at his IMDB profile, actually. Surprised I haven't seen him in more.

- Is this really the last of the Stynes? I mean, there could be quite a few more of them around the world, I suppose, so perhaps they will come after Dean for killing the USA chapter or something.

- Everyone keeps bringing up what the price could be for using magic from the book of the damned to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean, but no one has so far had any conjectures about what it might be. Any ideas from the peanut gallery? It seems like it would have to be something pretty major. But you know they're not going to kill Sam. I suppose they could do a surprise twist and kill Castiel, but that seems unlikely. What's worse than either of those two things for Dean? Someone worse getting the Mark, like Rowena? Hmm.


Rowena: Eh, hello? Anyone wanna tell me what's going on?
Sam & Castiel: No.

Castiel: I'd be happy to kill her. She just called me a fish.

Officer: They're practically gods around here.
Dean: Yeah, well I kill gods.

Sam: By the way, she said to tell you - she should've taken the three pigs.

Dean: So you can save me the speech on the three hearts, the two spleens, the seven nipples... for the ladies. Or the fellas. I don't judge. But even with all that, you still only have one brain.

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