Thursday, July 2, 2015

Big Brother 17 - First Eviction

As some, or perhaps many, of you may know, in summers past the show I have recapped has been So You Think You Can Dance. But, with the big changes they introduced this season, I just didn't think I could stomach it anymore. In fact, I haven't even been watching it, which is saying something as I've watched every season since the very beginning. Big Brother may seem like an odd choice to pick as a follow up summer show to discuss, but if you've ever watched it, you must know - it's frickin' addicting.

Recap/review of Big Brother season 17, first eviction episode.

I watched the last two seasons after my boyfriend insisted on watching it, and to my own chagrin, became hooked. So, because it's something we can watch and discuss together, I thought it might be fun to focus on it this summer. Perhaps it will be a one time thing, perhaps not, who knows! Anyway, I'm just going to be posting after each eviction episode lest I get too overwhelmed with a show on three days a week.

So! It's been a week now since this new season started up, with a whole new cast to get to know. There are a few different twists this year - including the return of the Battle of the Block, plus something called the BB Takeover, which is basically just a new twist to the game every week, as well as the Twin Twist, which my boyfriend tells me has happened in another season. But, basically, one contestant is actually an identical twin and switches back and forth with their counterpart. If they make it through a certain amount of evictions without being found out or evicted, they both get to enter the game, I believe.

Anyhow! This week was all about starting and stopping alliances, apparently. Mostly because of Audrey, let's be honest. She was in no less than three supposed alliances throughout the course of the week, and continued to annoy those in her biggest alliance by drawing more and more people into it. That may come back to bite her soon enough. Also likely in the cross-hairs soon? Da'Vonne, who had kind of a meltdown over something completely stupid, in my opinion.

Recap/review of Big Brother season 17, first eviction episode.But no one had a bigger target on their back than Jace. The main group, including HOH James and dethroned HOH Jason, hatched a plan with, you guessed it, Audrey, to backdoor Jace as the first evicted houseguest. And in really went off without a hitch. The first two groups of contestants nominated for eviction were John and Becky, and Steven and Jackie. While John and Becky won their Battle of the Block, Steven managed to win the Veto competition, which gave James the opportunity to put up Jace, who was rather blindsided as he thought he was in an alliance with James. Not so much, bro.

Nearly everyone voted for Jace to be evicted, except for Audrey, who is likely just stirring up that dramarama. So it's goodbye to Jace, who couldn't get enough of the camera or his "fans" in the audience upon his exit. I have to say, I'm relieved it wasn't Steven who went home, because he's such an awkward dude, I kind of root for him.

Oh, and it was revealed who the twins are tonight as well. The BF and I were talking about it right before it was revealed, with our guesses. He thought it might be Meg, but I said I had a feeling it was Liz. Who was right? Ahem. Yeah, baby! I got it right! Liz and her sister Julia are posing as the same person. If you know they're twins, you can probably tell, but without knowing, it would be difficult.

Anyway, the two HOH's for this next week are Becky and Shelli, and the BB Takeover is courtesy of Kathy Griffin. She will call the house seven times throughout the week, and whoever picks up on the seventh call will have the power of the Last Laugh, where they choose three people who won't be able to vote in the next eviction. Pretty powerful!

Okay, phew. That's a lot to recap in one post! Who are you rooting for? Anyone you think has the chops to make it to the end? It's kind of hard to tell right now. I was thinking Audrey was doing pretty well at manipulating people, but then she went a little overboard, so I'm not so sure anymore.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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