Thursday, July 9, 2015

Big Brother 17 - Second Eviction

Another week, another eviction. It's funny, you wouldn't think there would always be so much drama in the Big Brother house, but it always seems to get stirred up somehow. This week was all about Shelli and Clay's "secret" plan to get rid of Da'Vonne. While Becky wanted to backdoor Audrey after all of her lying was exposed, Shelli (or was it mostly Clay, hmm?) were set on getting Mama Da out, because she would be, supposedly, gunning for them.

Recap/review of Big Brother season 17, second eviction episode.Well, as you can see, their plan ended up working. It was goodbye to Da'Vonne tonight after a last Hail Mary on her part to try to save herself from eviction that just didn't quite work. With her luck in getting the BB Takeover last laugh, she had something of a chance to make it happen. She was able to choose three people to not be able to vote in the eviction. She went to campaigning to get five votes to keep her in the competition, and although she seemed to be making some headway, it just wasn't enough. In the end, she kept Becky, Jeff and Jackie from voting, and was still voted out 7-2, with the only two voting to keep her in Jason and Audrey, ever the unpredictable one.

Da brought up an interesting point in her exit interview with Julie - she said that everyone is afraid to nominate Audrey for eviction because of the whole transgender business of it all. No one wants to be the one who does it. No one really seems to be saying that on the show, but it could still be true subconsciously. Seriously, though, I don't see how anyone can actually work with her moving forward, though. She is completely untrustworthy and clearly a liar. She doesn't seem like she can last much longer in the game, but who the heck knows.

Anyhow, that led to the next HOH competition, introduced by head of this week's BB Takeover, Rob Gronkowski. What his takeover actually means is yet to be seen apart from no one being a Have Not, and the HOH competition being something of an exaggerated beer pong situation. In the end, Austin and Vanessa ended up being crowned the next HOHs, and I have to say that should be pretty interesting. They seem to both be working together, and we haven't seen too much of either of them quite yet, so who will they be hoping to get rid of?

On another note, Da'Vonne also totally figured out that Liz is a twin! As Julie pointed out, she should have kept it to herself and used it as leverage with Liz/Julia to get her vote, but instead she blabbed it to the whole house, then went and told Julia about it as well, which didn't really work in her favor. But what does this mean for Liz/Julia moving forward? Are they only out of the game if they're voted out, or does the fact that everyone knows already negate it? I'm a bit confused on the rules of that twist.

Do you have any favorites so far? I have to say Johnny Mac's diary sessions always make me laugh just because his voice is so hilarious. I may kind of be rooting for him to take it all right now. But who knows, it's still early in the game!

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