Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Big Brother 17 - Finale

That's all she wrote! Yes, the 17th season of Big Brother has come to a close tonight with the crowning of a new victor in young superfan Steve. That's right, in the end, he was able to oust Vanessa at the last possible second, securing his victory over Liz.

But let's back up a moment and talk about just how he got there. After Sunday's rather pointless episode, we were left in the middle of the first part of the HOH competition, an endurance competition. I think this was the longest any of them had been able to endure thus far, as it went at least over three hours. Steve was the first one to fall, though, and then Vanessa started playing mindgames on Liz to try to get her to give up. Which she did. Sigh, Liz. That ensured Vanessa was going straight to the final competition.

The second competition was a big crossword puzzle where Steve and Liz had to solve the clues and also climb up the giant board to place in the pieces. It felt super close, and in the end it was, with Steve coming out just a few minutes faster than Liz, sending him into the final competition with Vanessa.
Steve Moses on Big Brother 17
That final competition was another mental one, where they had to guess how the other jury members had answered some questions. Steve was ahead for most of the game, but Vanessa came back and tied it up just before the last question, which all came down to who knew Johnny Mac better. And that was... Steve!

And luckily, because while Steve may not be great at endurance competitions, he's no idiot. He knew that Vanessa was a force to be reckoned with that he probably could not beat in the final two, so he decided to take Liz with him instead. Vanessa was pretty peeved about not making it to the final two, it was quite obvious, but honestly, does she really need to win $500,000 when she's won millions of dollars playing poker already? No.

Anyway, when it came time for the jury to ask questions of the two remaining houseguests, it became pretty clear that the jury would have to be pretty stupid not to vote for Steve. His answers were 100% more eloquent, while Liz didn't really have much to say for her gameplay.

So, yes, in the end, Steve took home the BB17 crown in a vote of 6-3. Obviously Julia and Austin voted for Liz. The other vote? Vanessa, because she's a bitter weirdo sometimes. Congrats to Steve! He was finally able to get out Vanessa, who dominated that season. Really, she probably deserved to win more, but it was more satisfying as a viewer for Steve to win. At least to me.

And who took home the $25k for winning America's favorite player? It came down to Johnny Mac, James, and Jason. And I said to my boyfriend the other day that I thought James might get it because he's got more of the South voting for him. Was I right? Well, James did win, like Donny did last year. So take that as you will!

That's it for this season! Are you happy with who took home the $500,000?

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