Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Big Brother 17 - Fourteenth Eviction

Only two episodes left to determine who is the winner of this season's Big Brother. The person it won't be? Sadly, everyone's favorite dentist, Johnny Mac. Yes, his time as a resurrected juror came to an end this week. Single tear.

John McGuire on Big Brother season 17Honestly, though, the nice thing is that at least every person who made it into the final five was actually playing the game. Last season it was so frustrating to see Victoria make it so far just because she was so clearly a floater and would never win against anyone. I don't really think anyone can beat Vanessa this year if she makes it to the final two, but if it ends up being Steve versus Liz? That's not quite so certain.

Anyway, let's get to the meat of this thing. After Steve won the HOH competition during last night's episode, he had to put up two nominees. But not before Vanessa decided to talk to both John and Liz and tell them she would take them to final two with her. Which is great because she loves to tell people she can't trust them because they go back on their word, but she does it all the time too. Yeah, okay.

The nominations don't particularly matter this week, because it really just comes down to who wins the veto. But because he has to put up nominees, Steve puts up John and Vanessa. Interesting tidbit - this is the first time Vanessa has been straight up nominated. She's been a replacement nominee before, but never a regular one.

Shortly after the nominations, it's time for the veto competition. It's one of those comps where they have to guess the correct day certain events happened and input it into a counter thingy. Liz gets eliminated pretty quickly, then Steve, and then it's down to Vanessa versus John. Alas, Vanessa was blazing in that competition and could not be stopped. So it was up to her who she would send home - Liz or John.

In the end, she decides to eliminate John, which isn't a big surprise. Who would she choose to take with her into the final two, though, Liz or Steve? And would it matter? The better question is - would Liz or Steve be dumb enough to take her into the final two with them if faced with that decision? Liz might, but I don't think Steve would. We won't find out more until Sunday when the next HOH competition starts. But it's only a week from today that a winner will be crowned.

The best part tonight was when Austin went into the jury house and started spouting how Vanessa didn't deserve to win, and the only person to sort of agree with him was James, while all of the girls were like yeah, no, buddy, she's still in there and we're not. I would be straight up dumbfounded if she made it to the final two and didn't win. But I've been saying that for weeks.

That's it until next week's finale!

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