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Supernatural 11x02 "Form and Void"

I have to say, I thought this second episode of the season was an improvement over the first. At least to me. I know a lot of fans get all in a huff when the brothers are off doing their own things, but I thought it worked quite well for this episode, and did a good job of setting up some stuff and paying off other stuff. On to the recap!

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 11x02 "Form and Void"As you may recall from last week, Dean is dropping off Deputy Jenna and baby Amara with Jenna's grandma in Iowa. Meanwhile, Sam is back in, I guess, Nebraska, dealing with the darkness sickness. That, you know, he has, but hasn't told Dean about. Because that's always good for building an already shaky ground of trust. Anyhow, Sam captures another infected dude and figures out that everyone seems to get infected on different timelines. Which is mighty convenient for him considering he's trying to find a cure before he goes cuckoo bananas. I'll just stick with Sam's story and then get to Dean's and Castiel's to make it all easy to follow.

So! While Sam's at the hospital, he encounters a reaper we are likely to see again, Billie, because why else would she get a name and such a speaking part? Anyway, she's basically like, well, us reapers are still doing the work even though Death is gone. Oh and she also tells him that the next time he and Dean die, the reapers aren't going to send them to Heaven or Hell, put rather into the empty, where they can't be brought back from. Comforting for Sam when he's facing death, no? But she also gives him a hint as to his salvation - he is unclean, in the biblical sense.

Well, that makes Sam head to the chapel for some guidance. God gives him some kind of hell vision, and then when he's having other hallucinatory thoughts as the darkness takes over, he realizes.. he needs to be cleansed, in the biblical sense. Which means some fire via holy oil. And what do you know, he just happens to have some holy oil on him! Voila, sickness gone! Time to cure some others!

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 11x02 "Form and Void"Meanwhile, back in Iowa, Jenna and the baby are settling in. Or, sort of. Because the baby starts making letter blocks float and slam into the wall spelling out "Feed Me," which, you know, isn't normal baby behavior. Jenna's grandma flips out and calls the church for help, while Jenna of course calls Dean. When Dean shows up, he realizes the exorcist the grandma called is everyone's favorite King of Hell, Crowley. Crowley's there because he knew something big was going on.

And yes, it is, because dear baby Amara is, you know, The Darkness, and what does The Darkness want? Turns out, to eat souls. She steals poor Jenna's soul away, who then goes and kills her grandmother, and starts a fight with Dean. Crowley kills the poor girl, then threatens Dean a bit. Dean, for his part, doesn't kill Crowley when presented with the chance, but instead goes to find Amara after hearing Crowley wants her. But she's gone. Because, oh yes, she's turned into a little girl now that she's had a soul to eat. Bad for Dean as well, because Crowley does find her, and offers her up some more souls for feasting. Oh boy.

Let's not forget about cursed Castiel, who was captured by two angels, Ephraim and Jonah, who are trying to interrogate him as to the whereabouts of Metatron. Hannah comes to his seeming rescue before they start cutting off body parts, but it turns out that was all part of the angels' plan to get Cas to reveal information to them. Like, oh, where the brothers Winchester are. Cas is like ah hell to the no I won't ever reveal my precious babes' locations! So they try to drill into his head all medieval style, but he gets mad when Ephraim starts beating on Hannah when she tells them to stop. Fisticuffs! All the angels end up dead! Including Hannah. And of course not Castiel, what do you think this show is? Sheesh.

After all of that, the brothers head back to bunker to wrap their heads around what has happened, and find Cas there, groaning for help. Will Misha finally be able to stop wearing those red contacts? We'll find out next week!

Random Thoughts:

- Nice use of O, Death with Reaper Billie. Otherwise, the music felt a bit weird throughout the episode. Like, overly loud and dramatic. It was super distracting. Was I the only one to notice this? I literally said out loud multiple times, "what is up with this music?"

- Everyone seems to be majorly freaked out by The Darkness and how it was just stories. Yet it seems to be less of an it and more of a She. If you kill the girl, is The Darkness itself killed? And can you really kill it? It's just funny because at the end of season five it was like oh look, the worst is here, it's the apocalypse. Then it was like oh look the Leviathan are even worse. Now it's The Darkness. How much worse can it get here, people?

- Nonetheless, The Darkness and the whole angels/demons/heaven/hell of it all seem to be related in some way, as they said God was the one who banished it, or whatever, and both sides seem to be equally terrified of it.

- This show just likes creepy young evil girls, huh? Remember Lilith? 

- There was quite a lot of snappy dialogue throughout this episode. I tried to get as much of it as I could, but I may have missed a few Crowley lines.


Dean: What can I say, chicks dig me.

Jenna: Grandma, no.
Grandma: Well who we gonna call?
Dean: Ghostbusters.

Billie: You flirtin' with me, kid? 'Cause no offense, you're not my type.

Crowley: I have sources in the Catholic church, nuns who owe me a favor, Priests with a taste for...
Dean: Okay. Alright. I can imagine.
Crowley: You really can't.

Crowley: Well hello, plot twist.

Sam (after weird torture vision sign): What does that mean?!

Crowley (after Dean calls him Velma): I'm way more of a Daphne.

Crowley: The child likes you. Not a surprise, really. You're very maternal.

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