Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Supernatural 11x10 "The Devil in the Details"

Winter hiatus is over already? Man. I remember when they used to feel long, and now they just whiz on by as if there was no break at all. As you may recall from last time, Sam got trapped down in the cage with Lucifer after he went there to ask him how to beat Amara, thinking it was God who sent him there. Meanwhile, Dean was up with Amara, who the angels tried to smite.
Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 11x10 "The Devil in the Details"
First off - did said smiting work? In a word - no. Duh. Obviously. That would get rid of the big bad at the midseason mark, and not once has this show ever done that. So, no, she's still around, gobbling up paper-pushing angels with names that rhyme with Castiel. Which gives Cas a chance to chat with her for a few moments. Instead of eating up his grace as she did the other aforementioned angel, she instead does a silly little thing to make sure Cas is in the same location as Sam and Dean - namely, in Hell - to "send a message." I Am Coming. Oh good. We didn't know.

Meanwhile, down in the cage, Lucifer is basically trying to mind game Sam into saying yes to him again, to be his vessel again. So I guess even though he said yes once, he has to say it again now that he's not possessing him anymore? Boy do these possession rules get hazy, which we'll talk about more later. So, Lucifer is showing Sam some of his past memories, which is the best thing about the episode. Because, one, we get to see Teen Sam in the guise of Colin Ford again, which we haven't seen in a long while, and two, we get to have to show at least acknowledge that Sam was not the only one to fall into the pit. Oh poor Adam, we see you, yet only Michael gets mentioned by Lucifer. You just never get any respect.

Misha Collins as Castiel, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer in Supernatural 11x10 "The Devil in the Details"
Anyhow, Lucifer is basically telling Sam that he's lost his spark and/or mojo, in that in the past he would have been all up for sacrificing himself or others for the greater good, but now all he cares about is saving his brother. Which, he's not wrong there, Sammy. In the end, though, Sam does NOT say yes, for once doing a smart thing, we think. Which means Lucifer will just beat him to death, right?

Wrong-o, duh! You know Dean's found out where he is by now, and he's found his way into Hell after a brief chat with Billie the Reaper, who gives him a witch neck brace thingamajig that basically will make Rowena Crowley's slave. Which it does, just in time for her to do a spell to lock Lucifer back up in the cage. Oh, but only if he doesn't have a vessel first. We must say that loud and clear for all to hear. Dean and Castiel end up in the cage with ole Luci as well, just as Rowena says the spell and the go kapoof out of there. All seems to be well!

Or does it? Because it turns out Castiel is not the one who came back out of the cage. Rather, it was Lucifer inhabiting Castiel's body/vessel/wait whaaaaat? I'm going to rant about this in the random thoughts section, so go there for more detailed thoughts on this. While Dean and Sam ride off none the wiser, CasLuci or whatever people will be calling this new thing goes to chat with Rowena, supposedly to thank her, but really to snap her neck since she's apparently the only one who knows how to open the cage again. Really? She's the only witch in the entire world who can figure this out? Okay. Whatever. And whatever again. Goodbye Rowena, I wish I cared more about your death, but I don't. And is it really your permanent death, anyway? People never stay dead on this show.

Random Thoughts:

- Aw, Colin Ford! I was wondering if they'd ever be able to use him again. Alas, I don't think they'd use him with Dylan Everett, because he looks older than him. Which is a shame because they're the two best young versions of the Winchester brothers.

- Okay. We need to talk about this. Just how in hell can Castiel say yes to Lucifer? He's an angel. Already in a vessel, no? I know that it was sort of created for him, or something, because Jimmy died, and I don't even know anymore. The rules are so fast and loose now, it's just like they wanted to give Misha a chance to play Mark Pellegrino's version of Lucifer. And whatever happened to Lucifer needing a perfect vessel? Now anyone can just go around saying yes? Why not have Rowena get some other schmuck down in there and be done with it already? It just does not make any sense to me, and it will still seem like a cop out no matter what reasoning may or may not be given.

- I did like the trips down memory lane. And the subtle nod to the Amelia storyline being a bad idea with Lucifer saying it was Sam's biggest mistake. Touche, touche.

- Seriously, though, with the mentions of Michael and no Adam being tortured? Come on, now. Come on.


Castiel: You're suffering from smiting sickness.
Dean: That's a thing?

Lucifer: Assbutt. I still don't get that.

Lucifer: Snappin' necks and cashin' checks, it's what I do.

Crowley: Don't worry about Sam.
Dean: Oh I'm sorry have you met me?

Sam: Let's say you gank her, then what?
Lucifer: Move to LA, solve crimes.

Rowena: You're welcome. Anyone?
Dean: Bite me.
Crowley: I can make her do that.

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  1. Well the thing is, there are some vessels that are more suitable than others. Sam wasn't Lucifer's only vessel back in season 5 - he was just the *perfect* one, the one that could hold him indefinitely. Remember poor Nick, that Luci burned up? :/ And Cas's vessel/body is HIS now since Jimmy's gone on to Heaven. And he's contained thousands of Leviathans at once within that vessel. I'd say that while he might not be perfect for Luci like Sam is, he could probably contain him a lot longer than most human vessels.

    At this point, who knows WHAT Cas really is, you know? As Meta-douche recently pointed out to him - he's not quite human OR quite angel anymore. Who knows what the rules are for them? He's always made a habit of breaking them. ;)

    1. Yes I do remember poor Nick. I just think if Rowena was in on it, wouldn't they have just used a different body in the meantime rather than try to get Sam to do it?

      I guess they've just never gotten too detailed about the whole vessel thing. In the past, it seemed like human bodies always had to be the vessels since they are of the mortal plane. Granted, who knows even what Cas is anymore.

  2. If the show wanted to validate Amelia being a bad idea, they probably wouldn't use noted manipulator and all-around dick Lucifer to do it. Like it kinda comes as the opposite, that only people like Lucifer would keep harping on something that happened two years ago.

    1. I guess, but everyone loves to hate Lucifer, and he usually makes valid points. :)