Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Supernatural 11x11 "Into the Mystic"

This week's episode was structured pretty classically. Supernatural death in the opening. Brothers investigate (although this time the first death was from years ago instead of the actual death they're investigating), they think they've found the thing and killed it, then whoops, another death, it's something else after all! If you look back on past episodes, this sort of thing happens a lot.

Misha Collins as Casifer in Supernatural 11x11 "Into the Mystic"The monster in question for this week is an evil banshee. It was pretty obvious based on the screaming tendencies; I'm just surprised they haven't done a banshee on this show before. Unless they covered one of the non-evil ones they mentioned and I'm just not remembering it. This one looked a bit like a floating medusa. Anywayz, the banshee in question brings them to Oak Park, a senior community. They meet Mildred, a flirty resident, and a supposed maid named Marlene, who wasn't actually around for any of the deaths, but looks gosh dark suspicious, so she must be related somehow.

Turns out, she's not Marlene, but rather Eileen, the daughter of the couple who died in the opener, out for hunter revenge on the banshee that killed her parents. Boy, Sam does some serious heart-to-hearting with her while they wait for Dean to go get some gold blades to help kill the evil banshee. Oh, and apparently her dad was part of the Men of Letters, because it's easy to have them pop up all over the place even though there were no hints at their existence until a few years ago. Yeah, yeah.

So, yes, Dean goes back to the bunker to get the gold blades, because apparently that's not something they usually carry around in the trunk. There, he runs into Casifer (I believe this is the moniker that everyone has pretty much decided on), who is in the bunker supposedly looking for information on Amara, but who knows what he's really up to. Instead, he gets an unexpected heart-to-heart from Dean. It's just heart-to-heart city this week on Supernatural! Dean tells him all about his odd attraction to Amara, and how he's not sure he can fight it. Oh gosh, give Lucifer some good intel, why don't you? I guess Cas is one of the only people Dean ever seems to confide in.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, Dee Wallace, Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 11x11 "Into the Mystic"Back to the banshee! They're going to use Mildred as bait since she has a bad ticker and they come after people with weaknesses. But, when the banshee shows up, she actually goes for Dean instead. So Dean starts bleeding from many places, and banging his head against the wall, until Mildred traps the thing and Eileen stabs it. Bye bye, banshee! Does this mean Eileen will go off and study law like her mom was doing before she died? Nope, she's a hunter, it's what they do. Does it mean Dean will get himself some Golden Girls-style lady action? Nope, because Mildred suspects his heart belongs to another. Dun dun dun!

Sam wonders why the banshee went after Dean. Like, why would he be weak? Weak in the heart? Lots of heart stuff happening this week, so it must be. Just what will Dean do about this attraction? And why, again, does he feel the need to hide it from his brother? Sheesh, with the man drama already. They're always hiding stuff from each other, and it never ends well.

Random Thoughts:

- I didn't really talk about it above because it's more of a tidbit than a plot point, but Eileen was not only a hunter, but a deaf hunter. It was fun to see her and Mildred signing about the boys being hot. Like, why don't more people talk about that?

- Casifer killed a fellow angel at the beginning of the episode, too. Angels can see that he's actually Lucifer inside. But, still no indication whether Castiel is still in there too, or if he's stuck down in the cage.

- What is Crowley going to do with this information about Lucifer? He doesn't seem to be a big fan, so not sure what he's doing right now. Suppose we'll find that out soon enough.

- The real question is what does Lucifer actually want? Does he want to get rid of Amara? And if he does, what does he want after that? And can he? All questions to be solved later.


Casifer: I'm here to save you all. Lucifer Ex Machina.

Dean: Maybe we should make a reservation.
Sam: Ha. We should be so lucky to live long enough.

Sam: Turns out Harold was stealing the other residents' Viagra.
Dean: I know. Real dick move, huh?

Mildred: You two are too cute to be FBI.

Mildred: Not bad. Honey, it's almost as gorgeous as you are.

Dean: Your hand is still on my knee.
Mildred: I could move it up.

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