Thursday, October 26, 2017

Supernatural 13x03 "Patience"

Well, for everyone clamoring for Missouri to come back to Supernatural, your wish has finally been granted. It only took, oh, twelve years. No big! And also resulted in a very short-lived appearance too, I might add. So let's get down to it...

The boys have managed to get Jack to the bunker, but soon after get a call from Missouri asking for help. A psychic friend of hers was killed by a wraith. Sam sends Jody to check on it, but Dean decides he'd rather be dealing with that than dealing with what's going on there, namely Jack, so he heads off on his own.

Loretta Devine as Missouri Moseley and Kim Rhodes as Jody Mills in Supernatural 13x03 "Patience"He and Jody meet up with Missouri, who has some visions of the wraith. Apparently said wraith has decided that psychic minds are his special brand of perfect brain juice and is now hunting them down. Missouri tries warning her son over the phone that he and his daughter are in danger, but he's not having it, so Missouri sends Dean and Jody off to keep them safe. Not sure why they didn't make more of a fuss about her going with them, but okay then.

Also why would she just have decided to go with them too? Because that evening, the wraith comes after her, and she just basically...lets it, since she saw it happen in the vision. Now, we know from the rest of the episode that the visions aren't things that have to happen, so I don't particularly understand, but fine, probably Loretta couldn't come back for multiple episodes or something.

Dean and Jody hear about Missouri's untimely death, but keep heading on toward her son's place, which is good because the wraith has already managed to track down Patience, who, it seems, has inherited her grandmother's psychic ability. That manages to save her from getting head-gutted by the wraith right away thanks to having seen a vision of it earlier. Her dad wants them to run until the wraith thing is taken care of, but of course that's put on hold when the wraith manages to take Patience straight from her bedroom without anyone noticing until it was too late.

So basically Missouri used to go off hunting and left her son alone to worry about her, then later in life told him that his sick wife would be fine, so he then believed she had been lying about her psychic gift all through the years or something, even though I'm sure he saw it on display at some point growing up, but okay we need some reason for their estrangement. Yada yada, they track down Patience using magic, she saves them from all getting gutted by the wraith thanks to a vision, and all can go back to normal.
Kim Rhodes as Jody Mills and Clark Backo as Patience Turner in Supernatural 13x03 "Patience"

Except, you know, she's going to be part of Wayward Sisters, so we know her normal will eventually lead her back to Jody and using her psychic gift. The good news is, I like her more than the other girls that are already going to be on there, so yay.

Meanwhile, Sam has been trying to train Jack to use his powers. Jack isn't into it, and confesses that he thinks he might be evil, even though he saw a video from Kelly earlier on saying it was his choice what to be. However, since Dean keeps basically telling him that he is evil, it's been a bit hard for him to think any differently. But, Sam can relate to feeling like he might be bad, and even confronts Dean with that when he comes back to the bunker. And honestly why isn't Dean seeing shades of gray at this point, we've been down this road many a time here on Supernatural and you'd think he would have grown at bit by now.

Unfortunately, Jack overhears this whole argument between Sam and Dean, which is made worse when Dean accuses Sam of basically using Jack to get the interdimensional rift over again rather than actually caring about him, and brings up Castiel and--- oh! Jack is like oh gosh Castiel, and we see ole Cas waking up in some completely black space. So, yep, he's coming back soon. What a surprise, like, not.

Random Thoughts:

- There wasn't much humor to be had in this episode, other than Patience's friend being kind of a lovable goof. But I'm not sure I've ever known a girl who actually used the school gym showers rather than just going home. This is always happening on TV and in movies, but does it actually happen in real life? Legit question here - have any of you ever used your school gym's showers?!

- I was poking a lot of holes in some of the story stuff above, but I didn't necessarily dislike this episode or anything, just some of it didn't necessarily make 100% logical sense, you know?

- For some reason I am always surprised when I find out people I know watch Supernatural. It's been on a long time, but it still feels like this cult small show, you know?


Wraith: You know this would be a lot more fun if you screamed.
Missouri: Tough.

Dean: If you get a chance at normal, you take it.

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  1. Once again we resurrect a character just to kill them off pointlessly for cheap thrills. We sideline Sam and repeat Dean's totally out of character brainwashimg of Jack. Perhaps that's purely a ruse for Jack to bring back the angel, who is still apparently hanging around for fanservice.

    No. I did not like the episode. I'm completely astonished that I disliked an episode written by Berens far more than one written by the Oligarchy twins. I am shaking my head.

    1. Yeah and honestly they killed her off in such a stupid way. Could she really not have been featured throughout the episode rather than just the first few minutes to be offed?

      And I also get tired of them bringing back people from the dead. I guess Castiel is still very popular, but whatever. At least it seems like Crowley will stay dead at least? Hopefully? It's just that death loses any sort of stakes when they can be brought back so easily.