Thursday, December 7, 2017

Supernatural 13x09 "The Bad Place"

As I expected, in tonight's mid-season finale we got to see what Jack has been up to while off on his own. He's tracked down a dreamwalker to try to find apocalypse world. Look, I'm just going to cut to the chase here, they try to make us think that Jack is doing something bad and trying to find Lucifer, but really he's just trying to help the Winchesters find their mom. The angels are trying to find Jack, so they kill the dreamwalker Jack uses in the opening scene in order to find out where he's going next.

Alexander Calvert as Jack and Yadira Guevara-Prip as Kaia Nieves in Supernatural 13x09 "The Bad Place"The Winchesters finally catch wind of where Jack might be after they get a call from Jody telling them of the dead dreamwalker with the girlfriend who saw Jack talking to him earlier. They find evidence that Jack will be heading to another dreamwalker named Kaia, and wouldn't you know it, that's exactly where Jack is heading!

The brothers manage to catch up to them right as Jack is breaking Kaia out of some kind of rehab center, as she has been using drugs to keep herself from dreaming, because apparently the only place she dreamwalks to is some awful bad place with monsters who hurt her in real life if she gets hurt by them in the dream world. ANYway, Kaia manages to get away when there was some confusion about Jack's intentions, but once Sam, but mostly Dean, hears about Jack's true intentions of finding Mary, they're all on board to help him.

Of course, the angels have also managed to track down Kaia, and want to use her to lure Jack to them, as they want him to, like, save them or something. Team Free Will, minus Castiel who is still off with Lucifer or something, track them down and with Jack's help are able to defeat one of the angels, but the other gets away. Kaia doesn't really want to help her wouldbe saviors, but Dean gets all intense and points a gun at her, demanding that she help them find their mom. Oh Dean.

They start to head off to some special place that will help make the dreamwalking more powerful, but get stopped by the angel turning up again, only this time she has some back up. They run off into this junkyard, which happens to have a handy huge rotting ship they can hide out in. Sam spray paints some anti-angel symbols, but the angels gather together and start slowly breaking the symbols.

Alexander Calvert as Jack, Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 13x09 "The Bad Place"Kaia finally agrees to help them try to escape to another world. At first, she can only see her bad place, but Jack manages to get her to find the apocalypse world. They track down Mary again there, but then Kaia starts jumping back to her bad place, and keeps popping back and forth between the two. Eventually it leads to her and Jack opening up a new rift, which also manages to kill all of the angels downstairs. BUT it also sends everyone to different places. It seems like Kaia is still in our world, Jack manages to get to Mary, but Sam and Dean are sent off to the bad place, where there are apparently huge lizard monsters?

And also, meanwhile, side story time here. Patience Turner, who we met a few episodes back, is struggling to keep it together in her real life, eventually revealing to her dad that her visions haven't stopped, and she has to help people with them. With that, she heads off to Jody's place.

Random Thoughts:

- A LOT of expository dialogue in this episode. Sheesh. Oh Kaia you're here after overdosing and blah blah. Oh Kaia we angels did all kinds of stuff to find you blah blah.

- They're also doing a lot of this close up shot in focus with the back person in focus as well, trying to be all fancy.

- Has the show jumped the shark with giant lizard monsters? When I saw the boys walking in a huge footprint I was like what the heck are we in Sliders now?

- Of course now we must wonder how they will all get back home, but shouldn't there be a rift doorway in each one somewhere? Thought those had to be purposefully closed, and the one in our world is still open, so...

- One thinks that perhaps some of these otherworld monsters might be coming into our world, no?


Kaia: That door was triple locked.
Jack: Was it?

Jack: You. Castiel. You're my family.
Dean: Yes we are.

Kaia: I'm not white, rich, blonde. No one's going to fight for me.

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