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Supernatural 13x14 "Good Intentions"

The Winter Olympics are over, which means regular season TV is back in full force this week, including our Supernatural. Last we left things, Mary and Jack were in apocalypse world, Lucifer is now up in Heaven ruling things, and Sam, Dean and Castiel have the prophet Donatello working on translating the angel tablet, as it can tell them what they need to open a portal to the other dimension. Got it? Okay!

Alexander Calvert as Jack Kline, Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester in Supernatural 13x14 "Good Intentions"
After many weeks, we finally get to see what Jack and Mary have been up to in the other world, so I'll just recap their side of things first. Michael has Zachariah working mind games on Jack to try to get him to open a rift, but it's not working. So, they stick him in with Mary. She rightly assesses that they're only done this so they can then kill her in front of him, thus getting him to do what they want. Now we're all wondering, why can't Jack just get them out of there with all of his mighty powers? There's some kind of massive warding that's dampening his powers and giving everyone headaches. But hey, wouldn't you know that there just happens to be a special spot in Mary's cell where there's a hole in the dampening field thingamajig?! How nice!

Thus, Jack gets them out of there, and they run into their world's Bobby, who takes them back to his human camp. He and Mary reminisce a little, and she finds out that because she didn't take that demon deal on this world, Sam and Dean were never born, so they weren't able to stop the end of the world. So, you know, she doesn't have to feel as guilty over that anymore. But, once Bobby finds out that Jack is a nephilim, he wants none of it. Of course, before Jack can leave, the angels find them, but duh, Jack's back at full power now, and he incinerates a bunch of angels as if they're nothing. His next goal? Kill Michael, because that's what Sam and Dean would do.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, Keith Szarabajka as Donatello Redfield in Supernatural 13x14 "Good Intentions"But what are Sam and Dean actually up to? Well, they are trying to encourage Donny to translate the angel tablet. But Donny boy is starting to act a bit strange. Is it just because Asmodeus put some kind of spell on him? It's unclear in the beginning, but it soon becomes clear. After he tells them he's translated the tablet and given them some stuff they need to find, Dean and Castiel go off to get the hearts of Gog and Magog. All you really need to know is that these dudes don't have any hearts, so Donny was lying to them.

Indeed, he tries to kill Sam back at the bunker, but even though he manages to bang Sam on the head a couple times, Sam does manage to get him locked up before Dean and Castiel get back. They figure out that because Donatello doesn't have a soul, he isn't able to withstand the corruption of the tablets. There's not much they can do, as he won't cooperate and is just downright dangerous. But Cas has had enough, and decides to take things into his own hands. He uses some angel powers to basically take the information from Donny's brain, which leaves him braindead in the process, which honestly may be better for him in the end since he's not himself anymore.

Sam and Dean aren't too happy with Castiel, but they can't argue with his results. And I guess we know what some goals are now for some more of the season. Just, you know, get some fruit from the tree of life, find the seal of Solomon, get some blood from a most holy man, and oh yes the part we already knew, get the blood of an archangel, of which right now they only know Lucifer is around, though we know better.

Random Thoughts:

- On my way home today, I saw a car with a sticker of the tattoos the boys have, you know the anti-possession tattoo, and I was like oh hey a fellow Supernatural fan!

- They lay it on pretty thick that Jack will eventually go bad because he has no choice, but I'm not sure I believe that give just how thick it's been laid on. He may very well sacrifice himself to save everyone, which seems more in line with how the show does things.


Dean: If bacon's what kills me, then I win.

Donatello: Now, where do you keep your virgin lambs blood?

Castiel: This is serious.
Dean: I know, but... they're wearing loinclothes.

Magog: I will kill the pretty one.
Gog: They are equally pretty.
Magog: The small one, then.

Alt-Bobby: I thought you were a damn ghost, but turns out you're just from a whole different world. Which is... weirder, when you think about it.

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