Thursday, March 8, 2018

Supernatural 13x15 "A Most Holy Man"

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 13x15 "A Most Holy Man"Oh man, guys, I don't know about you, but that was one of the more boring episodes of the show, ever. When the end of the season comes around and I start thinking about my favorite episodes of the season, I'll be like "wtf even was that episode?" and will have to go back to the recap just to figure it out.

I mean, not much happened that really mattered. I'll just be honest here, I was only half paying attention. Basically, the guys are out to find the blood of a most holy man for the spell to get the portal open. Sam finds some online deals going around for religious relics, they make a shady deal with some people to steal a stolen skull in order to trade for the blood of a saint, blah blah.

A whole lot of yada yada happens where there are, like, mobsters, and a lot of the word chicanery thrown about. They run into a priest who is also looking for the skull, but he wants it because it was stolen from his church or whatever in Spain or something. Sam wants to help him out because he feels all the feels for his plight and his ideals, so their plan is to get the skull for him or some such. It works out for them, though, because he just happens to have a lot of money, which is really what these skull brokers are looking for in the grand scheme.

Leanne Lapp as Margaret Astor and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 13x15 "A Most Holy Man"As one would expect, a shootout happens at the big meet at the end, where the two different parties the guys were supposedly working for are all trying to vie for the skull. The priest guy gets shot, but only grazed, thanks I guess to all of the praying he was doing during that rather silly musical montage of the fight scene. I suppose it was an homage to some mobster movie, maybe? Sure, we'll go with that. Otherwise it's just plain cheesy mccheese.

It turns out that the dude they were going to trade the skull for the blood was lying about the blood. Yep, no saint's blood around these parts. But my goodness, what's this? The priest you happened to meet just happened to be, like, blessed by the Pope or something, and the title essentially means a most holy man? Well, I never! That's just what you boys need!

They get some of the dude's blood and send him back off to Spain or wherever, and have a heartfelt chat there at the end of the episode. You know, the patented bro chat that happens almost always at this point each week. The gist of this chat is basically that last quote down there. And...scene.

Random Thoughts:

- There are a couple weeks off, then the show is back on 3/29 with the animated Scooby Doo episode that has been much the talk of things for some time now. Finally some levity in this rather dark season.

- Lots of familiar faces on tonight's episode, a guy who's been on The Flash a couple times, and a girl who was on iZombie for a while. Keeping it in the CW family, I see. Now those are two shows I am actually still enjoying in comparison.


Dean: Ah, the internet. Not just for porn anymore.

Dean: I know that Disney princess hair gives you some padding.

Sam: If someone stole the Impala, what would you do?
Dean: Murder. I'd murder them all.
Sam: Right.
Dean: If I can't have it, nobody can.

Sam: You think we could ever change things, really change things? Stop all the monsters, all the bad.
Dean: That'd be nice.

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