Thursday, April 12, 2018

Supernatural 13x18 "Bring 'em Back Alive"

Man alive does this show like to draw out storylines. I get it, they have like 23 episodes a season now to deal with, so it's a bit inevitable, but sheeeeeeeesh. Can you imagine how much better show might be if it were half as many episodes? Sigh.

David Haydn-Jones as Mr. Ketch and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural 13x18 "Bring 'em Back Alive"Yeah basically, you're thinking oh Dean and Ketch have 24 hours to find Mary and Jack and bring them back, finally this storyline might have some movement. And that... does not happen. At all. Instead, they digress the entire episode because it turns out that Apocalypse World has its own version of Charlie, and Dean and Ketch just happen to see her getting taken by some angels, so because Dean is feeling all guilty about how she died the first time around, he's hellbent on saving her this time.

Blah blah, he gets shot, Ketch gives him some poison antidote, they bond a little as they walk endlessly for hours, and finally are able to save Charlie from the angels. They get back to the rift before it closes, but only Dean heads back through, so Ketch can help prepare to fight Michael, and because this Charlie would prefer to stay and fight her fight. But, you're thinking, this will be okay because now that they have Gabriel, they have the Archangel grace they need to keep opening rifts, right?

Well, no, like, duh. Because meanwhile back in "our" world, Gabriel is not doing so hot, despite Sam and Cas trying to help him out. Eventually they get him to take back his grace and come out of his trance-like state, but as soon as he powers up a little, Asmodeus is able to detect him since he's been sucking down his grace like some kind of steroids. He comes to collect his prize, only Gabriel decides he's ready to fully power up now, and kills ole Asmo right then and there. Ka-poofy.

Richard Speight Jr. as Gabriel and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 13x18 "Bring 'em Back Alive" Sam and Cas explain the whole situation with the other worlds and whatnot, but Gabe is having none of this hero stuff. He'd rather do what he did the first time around and just go off to parts unknown and stuff his face in porn star boobies. And because he's an archangel, there's not much that Cas and Sam can do to stop him, so poof he goes. Dean is none too happy to find this out when he gets back, of course.

And in our final meanwhile of the episode, we peek in on what's happening up in Heaven. Basically Lucifer isn't doing much yet still expects the angels to worship him. Jo is annoyed that he's not trying to turn things around like he said he would and basically tells him that he's a loser. I mean, really, that's pretty much all there is to that story. He says that the humans complain and whine too much when, let's be honest, he does much the same.

Random Thoughts:

- I mean, I like Charlie and all, but she was fun because she got to be the light in the darkness of the stuff, and now she's just like in straight up hero mode as this other version of herself, and.... color me meh about that.

- Are they really going to wait all the way until the finale to have Lucifer and Jack meet face to face? At this rate it seems so. This is the thing that has really bothered me about these last seasons. I mean, maybe it was like that in the beginning too and I just noticed it less, but the dragging out of storylines is just insane.


Lucifer: If he said scour the earth, they'd say SOS or Brillo.

Castiel (reading): I did what anyone would do, I went to Monte Carlo and shacked up with porn stars... He goes on and on for awhile about porn stars.

Dean: You guys are such dicks.
Ketch: Yes, well, guilty.

Dean: Impossible and stupid, huh? You say that like it's a bad thing.

Gabriel: Oh by the way, I always hated that dumbass suit.

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