Friday, April 27, 2018

Supernatural 13x20 "Unfinished Business"

Sorry for the delay everyone, I was at a work convention all week, and only just now had time to sit down and watch the show. I tried to watch it online last night, but fell asleep in about 10 minutes, so that was a bust!
Richard Speight Jr. as Gabriel and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 13x20 "Unfinished Business"
Anywho, this episode explores what happened to Gabriel after he supposedly died in season five. Basically he shacked up with some demigods for a while, but eventually they betrayed him and sold him to Asmodeus, who then sucked on his grace for, apparently, years? Now that he's back to himself, he wants to go after these demigods along with their father, Loki, who was the one who trained him in the art of being a trickster in the first place.

He ends up going to the Winchesters for help in this mission, as they had tracked him down anyway and happened to be nearby. Dean is against it, saying that revenge never gets anyone anywhere, while Sam is more in tune with helping out, because he apparently wants to get revenge on Lucifer for all that stuff many years ago when he was in the cage and yada yada.

They end up agreeing to help him if he'll then do the same for them in return by helping take down the Michael of apocalypse world. Long story short, they end up killing him, and Dean was most likely right that it isn't bringing Gabriel any actual joy or closure even though he pretends otherwise for Sam. Instead of disappearing, he then agrees to follow through on the deal and help them.

Tarun Keram as Jakob, Alexander Calvert as Jack, and Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester in Supernatural 13x20 "Unfinished Business"There's also this conversation at the end between the brothers Winchester about how Dean went off to try to kill Loki on his own, blah blah. Basically Dean doesn't care if he gets hurt but he doesn't want Sam to be hurt. Sam is like dude that's stupid, we should do everything together, even if that means dying together, which certainly seems like how the show will end someday.

Meanwhile, in apocalypse world, Jack is doing well in taking down evil angels, and ready to try to go after Michael himself when it looks like he's abandoned his post, thinking he's afraid of him. But of course this turns out to be a bit of a trap itself, as Kevin from this world is still there, and ends up using this angel spell thing to kill a bunch of the people Jack was trying to protect. Except Mary, who he was able to save from the spell. The intent of the spell was to make Jack feel defeated, and it's kind of working, as he feels like if he can't even save that group of people, how can he save everyone?

Random Thoughts:

- There was this whole bit about Loki going after Gabriel for not holding up his end of the bargain of staying out of angel business in exchange for the trickster stuff, and then because Odin was killed because of that, Loki wanted to take that out on Gabriel. I mean, whatever, it's just a circle of revenge that never ends.

- I'm tired, so that's all for the random thoughts for today.


Dean: What the hell are you guys? What the hell are these guys?
Gabriel: Oh just a couple of Norse Demigods.
Sam: Demigods?!

Gabriel: Don't ever let anybody ever tell you you're just a pretty face.

Loki: Mess with the real trickster, get the real tricks.

Gabriel: A deal is a deal. And, if I'm being perfectly honest, tricks are for kids.

Sam: And if we die, we'll do that together too.

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