Thursday, May 10, 2018

Supernatural 13x22 "Exodus"

Friends, we are getting down to the line now! Just one more episode after this one in season 13, if you can believe it. In some ways I feel like the season just started, but in others I'm like man oh man will it never end? Which I guess is sort of apropos for the show as a whole as well, ha!

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester in Supernatural 13x22 "Exodus"Let's get down to the nitty gritty - basically everyone except Rowena is off in apocalypse world. They've all found each other now, mostly, and now it's just time to figure out what to do next. Mary throws a little wrench into the plan when she declares that she doesn't want to go back, because the people there need her. Mary, never wanting to go home, what's new?

But they come up with another idea - take everyone back through the rift until they can figure out how to beat Michael, and then come back and take back their planet. Alt-Bobby says it's a dumb idea, but secretly he likes it, which becomes readily apparent when he votes to go through the portal just like everyone else. Only there are a couple people missing from this endeavor - Ketch and Charlie, who get captured by some angels.

Obviously they aren't getting left behind, so off the caravan goes to save them from the angels, one of whom happens to be an alt version of Castiel heretofore never mentioned as far as I can remember, who Misha clearly had a little too much giving some tics and whatever. Cas kills his other self while everyone rescues Ketch and Charlie, and it's back to the rift they go.

Richard Speight Jr. as Gabriel, Alexander Calvert as Jack, and Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer in Supernatural 13x22 "Exodus" Meanwhile, Jack finally gets to meet his bio dad, ole Luci. Of course everyone is against them interacting, but Jack does want to at least give him a chance to speak for himself. Lucifer even manages to talk Jack out of trying to go off on his own to defeat Michael by using some logic that Sam hadn't really thought of, so hey that's something at least. There's also this whole bit between Gabriel and Lucifer wherein Gabe basically tells him that he can never change and he's terrible and all that, and Lucifer gets all teary-eyed. Is this the season where all of the villains turn good or something?

They make it back to the rift point, and people start jumping through, but wouldn't you know it that Michael shows up right at the end when it's just Sam, Dean, Gabriel, and Lucifer left to go through? Lucifer steps up to hold him off, but gets injured fairly quickly, so Gabe steps up. Well, we know how that's going to end, and so it does... with him getting killed, for seemingly good this time. Sam forces Dean through the portal, and then basically pushes Lucifer back so he can't go through with them, thinking that's for the best. Is it? Duh. Obviously not, as Lucifer then makes a deal with Michael to help him get to the other world so long as he can have his son.

Random Thoughts:

- This version of Castiel has the same body, but he talks with a completely different accent? Really? And no one knew there was this weird version of Castiel to warn anyone? It was just such a silly throw off moment.

- The question is, is Jack able to easily defeat Michael? And if so, has this whole season really just been a stalling act to get to that point? He's the only one of the powerful people we haven't seen actually stand up to him face to face, so it stands to reason... but I guess we'll find out in the finale next week.

- Will all of the people brought over from apocalypse world stay, or will they end up returning to their world?


Lucifer: I'm powerful, dangerous, ruthless... but in the best sense, though.

Castiel: Jack, we're your family.

Sam: We owe you one.
Rowena: Don't think I won't collect.

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