Thursday, November 29, 2018

Supernatural 14x07 "Unhuman Nature"

Did you think the show might go off on a tangent rather than deal with the Jack sickness right away? I wouldn't have put it past them. But thankfully, no, this episode is almost all about Jack, with a little bit of Nick thrown in.

Misha Collins as Castiel, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural 14x07 "Unhuman Nature"Let's get the Nick stuff out of the way first. You remember Nick, formally Lucifer, who's now searching for the killer of his family. He's been killing people as he searches because he's, like, enjoying it or something. Basically he's been corrupted by Lucifer. He finally manages to track down the guy who did the killing, but it turns out he was possessed when he did it, so it's not really his fault. But Nick kills him anyway, and in the aftermath sort of prays to Lucifer, wanting him back. And we are subjected to this goofy red-eyed skeleton emerging out of goop thing while that is going on and I just... what? Can we never let ANYTHING go, show?

Whatever. Back to the main storyline of the evening - Jack's all sick and the boys don't know what to do. Once he starts convulsing and foaming at the mouth, they rush him to the hospital, but they don't understand what's happening. Next on the docket is Rowena, who tries to help him with some spell work, after a little convincing that she should help the son of the devil. But it doesn't do any good either.

Alexander Calvert as Jack Kline and Ruth Connell as Rowena in Supernatural 14x07 "Unhuman Nature"Jack decides he doesn't want to sit around while they try to figure something out, so Dean decides to take him out for some last days fun. It includes letting Jack drive the Impala, so you know Dean really likes this kid now. They also grab some burgers and then share a sweet moment fishing where Jack basically tells Dean that these are the things he'll miss - being with those he cares about.

Meanwhile, Sam has heard from Ketch about some special shaman healer dude that may know how to help Jack. Castiel heads over to see the guy, Sergei, who gives him some old archangel grace he got from Gabriel back in the day, and tells him there's a spell he'll need to do as well. His price is yet to be determined, so we'll probably see him back again someday.

So they try the spell and the grace and at first it seems to be working. Jack says he's feeling better, and his eyes glow golden for a moment. But it doesn't last long, and soon he's back to passing out on the ground. Cas tries to get Sergei to come in person, but he refuses. Rowena isn't any help either, so for now we're left with Jack possibly dying in the near future. I doubt it will happen, especially considering Dean seemed to be experiencing some kind of angel feelings in the episode. Somehow Michael will probably play back into saving Jack's life, but I could be wrong.

Random Thoughts:

- I mean are they honestly going to have Lucifer come back? What was that stupid skeleton thing? It felt like another show as being inserted into this one, honestly.

- I guess they made everyone clear out of the bunker or something? Seemed awfully empty for Jack being all sicky. Feel like everyone would be trying to nose in.

- Looks like we've got two new episodes left before the winter hiatus hits. What are you guys thinking of the season so far?


Rowena: Bollocks.

Dean: We're taking Baby for some exercise.
Sam: You think that's a good idea?
Dean: Yeah.

Dean: Whoa, let's keep it between the lines.

Dean: What do you think?
Jack: It's like I'm you!
Dean: No. It's not.

Castiel: I wouldn't call Ketch stellar.
Sergei: Then you have met him.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for doing your review. I haven't watched the latest episode yet because I was upset about this one!

    As a disclaimer I need to say that I've been watching SPN from the start and I really love Sam and Dean so I'm too partial and I know it. I've actually been enjoying this season so far or at least parts of it. But that may be because I'm happy to have a Bobby back as well as a Charlie. And I like that we've been actually learning something about Sam-I mean maybe really seeing Sam instead of seeing the Sam that Dean sees which may not always be realSam.

    As much as I love the show it's always seemed to be about Dean and Dean's interactions with the world so I always question what is true because sometimes Dean is an unreliable narrator! Especially about Sam.

    So anyway-I didn't particularly like this episode because I'm with you-NO MORE LUCIFER! And although I think Lucifer's long time vessel would/could suffer serious problems from being possessed for so long I'm not really sure that that should be on SPN, you know. That seems like another show all together. And I was just so like NOOOOO when we saw those red eyes. I may be in the minority here but I liked it that Dean killed Luci and Sam killed Alastair blah blah blah...It needs to be over.

    I also didn't like that the show reverted back again to being all about Dean. I mean that Sam loves Jack too so why did Jack's celebration of life have to leave Sam out of it? Grrrr....I really do love Dean but it seems the show itself doesn't love Sam the way Dean would want! Ha ha ha!!

    So really I'm liking this season because Sam and Dean are liking each other. I like the renewal of their relationship which means I like the season so far. :-) I'm kinda shallow like that.

    Anyway-thanks for letting me rant and rave about SPN.


    1. I've watched it from the very beginning when it first premiered as well, and though I have always been more of a fan of Dean in general, I do agree that they seem to focus on his issues more than Sam's. I'm not sure if that's just because Sam is more emotionally adjusted in general?

      And yes can we please just be done with Lucifer already? Whyyyy must he stick around?!

      Appreciate your comments!!