Thursday, January 24, 2019

Supernatural 14x11 "Damaged Goods"

It's been some time since we've caught up with the murderous Nick, so let's throw him into this episode, shall we? That's right, Nick is back, and he's tied up a demon to question it about where Mary Winchester is, because apparently the demons keep tabs on the whereabouts of the Winchesters? Why is he looking for Mary? Well, we'll get to that.

Mark Pellegrino as Nick and Briana Buckmaster as Donna in Supernatural 14x11 "Damaged Goods"Meanwhile, Dean is also on his way to see Mary. It's clear from the start of the episode that something is up with him after receiving the information from reaper Billie in last week's episode about the only way he can defeat Michael. He wants to go visit Mary, and he doesn't want Sam to go with him, which immediately raises everyone's red flags, but Sam goes along with it... for now. Mary also gets a bad feeling once Dean shows up, especially after Dean gets somewhat nostalgic (though come on, Dean is always the one who gets nostalgic out of everybody), and even moreso when she notices that he's doing something strange in the tool shed.

But hold up, I forgot Dean also had a brief chat with Donna earlier on in the episode. That's just to make sure we know he's near her, so when she shows up later, it's not a big surprise. Because once Nick makes it to town, guess who pulls him over? But she doesn't know who he is, only that he's driving a stolen van. He manages to get the drop on her and heads off to track down Mary.

Why does he want to track down Mary, one wonders? Because apparently she supposedly killed the demon that murdered his family. Only she didn't actually kill the demon, but rather trapped it in an enochian box. He forces her to take him to the box, which is in one of those storage facilities where they keep all kinds of creepy things. Around this time, Sam has shown up at the cabin to find Dean looking for his mom after getting a warning call from Donna.

Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester in Supernatural 14x11 "Damaged Goods"Nick pulls in some sap to be a vessel for the demon dude, and breaks open the box. Said demon Abraxis is very demon-y, but basically tells him that the reason he killed his family was because Lucifer told him to. Like, duh. What else were you thinking would be the case, Nick? Luckily, Sam and Dean show up in time to stop the demon from killing everyone, yada yada, fight fight, demon dies.

But, of course, the important bit is at the end of the episode when we find out what Dean has been building. As anyone with half a brain might have guessed, it's a box/coffin of sorts that has the power to detain and archangel. Sam is all like no way man, those aren't possible to build. But duh, Dean got the instructions from Billie, so that's that. Sam is, of course, against Dean's decision to lock himself, and therefore Michael, up in the box, but Dean is adamant that he'll do it with or without Sam's help, so Sam reluctantly agrees.

But, you guys, this is Supernatural, they'll find another way, or he'll be in the box for the summer and then they'll figure out what to do. That's the Winchester way.

Random Thoughts:

- Dang, I thought it was next week that was the special 300th episode, but it's two weeks. Darn it. That's the one episode I'm looking forward to!

- It seems like at least Michael will end up in the box somehow, but who knows.

- I enjoyed that this episode was pretty simple without any big monster thing to deal with, and instead focusing more on Dean's internal struggle.


Sam: Then, he hugged me.
Mary: That's sweet.
Sam: Mom, we don't hug.

Mary: It was so greasy, a heart attack on a plate.
Dean: A delicious heart attack on a plate. And I would like mine with extra cheese.

Nick: If you feel like screaming, you can go ahead. Because we're pretty...remote.

Dean: Now you can either let me do it alone, or you could help me. But I'm doing this.

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  1. Hi,

    I enjoyed watching Dean and Mary interact. And I always like any tidbits to Sam and Dean growing up so I like the idea of Dean trying to make one of his favorite things to share with Sam. I also kinda liked that they didn't give so many details about whatever this cheesy, greasy thing is.

    I'm confused about Nick and why this is still going on but was hoping this would be the end of his story. I like the actor but think that this is played out now. I certainly don't want Lucifer back. Just NO NO NO! Unfortunately I've read that Nick has returned in the latest episode.Haven't watched that yet.

    I liked how honest Dean was with Sam about how Sam can influence him. And I liked that Sam knows something is wrong and is going with his gut and getting to his brother. I also enjoyed feeling that although Sam is saying he's agreeing I know that Sam is thinking about how he's not going to put his brother in a box.

    I think all of this reinforcement of who the characters are is what I like but maybe that's a bad thing really. After all of these years I still just want them to be Sam and Dean but just try to talk more about what they are feeling. I suppose I don't want character growth! Ha ha ha!!!

    Some of this season has felt "old school" to me in the ways that Sam and Dean are relating. I've commented here before about the fact that I'm more interested in the boys' interactions than the big story arcs sometimes and I like that this season is seems like a throwback to the earlier seasons when the conflict between the two of them was less about how "bad" Sam and/or Dean is and more about different approaches/reactions to the same issues. Not sure that I'm making sense. But I liked that Dean's response to the problem of Michael in his head is causing a problem and not that Dean is disappointed in Sam in some way or vice versa.

    Anyway-thanks for posting your reviews on a show that you're not that excited about.


    1. I'm glad to hear you are sick of the Nick storyline too! I'm so over it. Who was wanting to have more of the Lucifer storyline in the first place? Seriously, though. If they bring Lucifer back yet again... ugh.

      I also enjoyed the little look into their childhood as well. I've always been a sucker for the stories about when they were kids, so it was nice to have another tiny one.

      Looking forward to the 300th episode, though, for sure.