Thursday, January 17, 2019

Supernatural 14x10 "Nihilism"

Well, we're back from winter hiatus. Seems like it went by so fast, no? Feels like just yesterday we were seeing Michael take back over Dean in the last episode. But here we are, ready to pick back up where we left off.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester/Michael in Supernatural 14x10 "Nihilism"Sam, Jack, and Castiel face Michael and manage to distract him enough to get him into some angel cuffs so he can't snap his fingers and make them all go poof. All while they are hearing reports from that girl, whatever her name is that's been featured this season (I wanna say Maggie?) is calling them to tell them the monsters are wrecking havoc and on their way to get them, blah blah etc etc. Luckily, Sam remembers that they always have reapers watching over them, so he calls for some help, and they get transported back to the bunker.

But now the monsters are just on their way to the bunker! They've only got so much time to figure out what to do to try to get Dean back. Michael is all ho hum I'll just wait for my monsters to come save me, while Sam decides to try that mind connector thingy to reach Dean inside wherever Michael has him buried down. He and Castiel head inside Dean's mind. While Cas is shifting through Dean's memories of all of the trauma he's been through, trying to figure out where Michael would've stashed him, Sam figures out that no, the best way to keep Dean complacent and quiet is to keep him somewhere he would like. And that's when they hear the place where Dean actually is...

Rocky's Bar, a bar Michael has invented for him run, with Pamela by his side helping him out. He's in what you might call a time loop of sorts, replaying the same thing over and over again. Sam and Cas manage to make it into this loop of his, and though it takes some doing, they eventually start to reach him by pointing out that one, Pamela got blinded, and two, she's also dead. And then Sam says the magic word, which I don't remember being a thing, but I would hope I am just forgetting that tidbit, and bang, Dean remembers everything. Michael shows up then inside the dream or whatever you want to call it, and they soon figure out that he's the same as them in there, he can't snap his fingers and kill them. They manage to team up against him and lock him away in the closet, where the closet basically represents Dean's mind.
Misha Collins as Castiel, Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, Alexander Calvert as Jack in Supernatural 14x10 "Nihilism"
Meanwhile, the monsters start breaking into the bunker (well, if you want to get technical, they were let in by someone who was turned), and Jack ends up using some of his angel powers to kill them all. Cas gives him a lecture about this later, because the more of the magic he uses, the more of his soul that goes away. And we all remember soulless Sam was such a hoot with his lack of morals and all.

In his room, Dean is visited by head reaper Billie, who informs him that the many books in her library describing the many different ways he could die have all changed to Michael breaking free and killing the world. Well, all of the books, but one. Which she has brought for Dean to peruse, because it always goes well when someone knows their fate. But he seems a bit flabbergasted by the book and doesn't know what to do with it. And of course we don't see what's written, because that would get rid of the tension, I guess.  So we're left wondering for the future just what's in the BOOOOK?!

Random Thoughts:

- I'll be honest, the only episode I'm looking forward to is the upcoming 300th episode which features a certain returning guest star. It will be hard to miss who this is unless you live under a rock considering this person is featured on one of the covers of Entertainment Weekly this week, but I'll refrain just in case.

- Seriously though, where did Poughkeepsie come from?


Dean: How can you always have a boyfriend?
Pamela: How can you only want what you can't have?
Dean: Ohh.
Pamela: Besides, you don't want me, you just like to flirt. I'm a psychic, so I kinda know.

Michael: Cool science project, I give it a solid B-.

Dean: My mind, my rules. I got him. I'm the cage.

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  1. Poughkeepsie is a Winchester code word - it came up a bunch of seasons ago in the episode where Crowley went inside Sam's mind to break him free from Gadreel. Dean told Crowley to say that city and Sam would know Crowley wasn't fake.

    1. Yeah I guess since it was so long ago I didn't really remember!!