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Book Review: The War I Finally Won (The War That Saved My Life #2) by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Book Review: The War I Finally Won by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley by
The War I Finally Won by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Published: October 3, 2017

Genre: Historical, Middle Grade

Hardcover Pages: 387

Synopsis: Ada and her younger brother, Jamie, now have a permanent home with their loving legal guardian, Susan Smith. Although Jamie adapts more easily, Ada still struggles with the aftermath of her old life, and how to fit into her new life.

World War II continues, and forces the small community to come together and rely on one another. Ada has never been interested in getting to know her friend’s family—especially Maggie’s mother, the formidable Lady Thorton. However, circumstances bring them in close proximity along with other unexpected characters.

Ada comes face to face with another German! This time she isn’t sure what she should do. How can she help the ones she loves and keep them safe?

Thoughts: I had this book downloaded for quite a while, but had been avoiding it thinking I might not like the follow up as much as the first one, which I thought was a great book. Finally, when I got about 40% of the way through a different book and decided I just wasn't enjoying it at all and to heck with finishing it, I turned to The War I Finally Won, and I'm glad I did.

It picks up right where The War That Saved My Life left off, with World War II still in full swing, but immediately switching things up by changing a major part of Ada's previous existence. Of course, that old life still haunts her, as it would anyone, and though she may now be safe with Susan and Jamie, she still struggles with feelings of being unwanted and useless.

Side characters get larger roles, and new characters are introduced, all with nuanced backgrounds and stories that relate back to Ada's own story. But, of course, if Ada herself wasn't complex and interesting, the story wouldn't work. What I like about her is that she's very blunt and can be very hard-headed, but you never stop liking or rooting for her, even if that rooting comes in the way of "Oh Ada, you're looking at it wrong" or something.

Obviously, if you haven't read the first book, you can't just pick this one up and go, as you'd really be missing out on some great story. But if you enjoyed the first book, I'd highly recommend the follow up. While I'm not sure it is quite as good, it's still very engaging with important themes throughout.

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. This remains my favorite series that I read last year and I think she did a great job with the sequel. Glad you enjoyed it too!