Thursday, November 19, 2020

Supernatural 15x20 "Carry On" - The Series Finale

Supernatural 15x20 "Carry On" - The Series Finale

That's a wrap on Supernatural, a show I watched from the pilot episode when it very first aired, and hung on to all the way through the end. It was a bumpy road at times, and the last years tend to blend together compared to the earlier seasons. I stopped recapping every episode in the middle of season fourteen, and you could say why would you stop so close to the end? It wasn't the same for me anymore, to be honest. And I was tired of being kind of negative toward something that I really did love. 

But I did continue to watch, and as last week's penultimate episode ended, I wondered just what could be in store for this series finale. Last week felt like a finale already! They defeated GAHHG (Great Almighty He Him God for those who haven't been to this blog in awhile (or ever), that's what I nicknamed God because I much preferred Chuck when he was just Chuck), they could live their lives! Isn't that what it was all about? But while certainly that may have been a satisfying finale in a way, this one was much more, because it really hit you with that emotional gut punch.

The Winchesters die. For real this time, no take backsies. And they get to die in just the ways they always wanted - Dean in a blaze of glory, fighting some vampires, hunting with his brother, doing what he always thought he was best at (though we know he was good at more than just hunting - okay I meant that earnestly but it sounds naughty and, well hey, Dean would appreciate that too), and Sam having a family, growing old. It's not clear if Sam continued hunting, though with his son's devil's trap tattoo peaking out on his arm there at the end, there was at least some hunting business going on throughout his life.

Probably the two toughest episodes to write in a TV series are the pilot and the series finale. A lot rides on those two episodes, and to me, still sitting here with tears in my eyes as I write this, I think they accomplished a satisfying, emotional, and somewhat unexpected end to this long-running series. And for that, I say thank you and, like the episode title says, Carry On.

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