Sunday, January 10, 2010

...Set: Chuck 3x01 "Chuck versus the Pink Slip"

Yep, that's right, Chuck is back! After a very long hiatus that was supposed to be even longer, our erstwhile Nerd Herder sprung back into action with his new and improved intersect 2.0. This first episode back was all about whether Chuck could hack it as a real spy.

A couple of random asides before I get into things - Chuck's hair seemed particularly poofy in these episodes. I don't really remember that being the case in the past but who knows. And what was with those weird Ellie-Awesome-Morgan commercials? That totally weirded me out. I mean, an interesting idea, but kind of off putting. And, lastly, I love the music on this show! I guess maybe this is something typical of Josh Schwartz - is this the same music supervisor as on The OC? In any case, good job. 

Recap/review of Chuck 3x01 'Chuck versus the Pink Slip' by freshfromthe.comAnyway, at the beginning of this episode, Chuck is in training at some kind of spy school in Prague, though they tried to fake us out into thinking it was an actual mission (sorry but I figured that out right away). General Beckman tells him he's just not cut out to be a spy and fires him. Depressed, he heads back home and proceeds to be a layabout for some amount of time, growing a beard, eating cheese puffs, and wearing the same bathrobe every day. Oh yeah, and we also find out that before Chuck went off to his training six months ago, Sarah proposed that they instead run away together. We know that something went wrong with that whole thing because they are clearly not off together somewhere now.

Chuck eventually gets himself together and tries to convince Casey to let him be a part of their next mission, but Casey tells him no. Chuck, of course, doesn't listen, and follows them to the place, whereby ensues a rather hilarious bit where Chuck has to perform as a Mariachi. His facial expressions were pretty hilarious when he was playing the guitar. Chuck tries to warn Casey and Sarah that there is an assassin in their midst, but ends up blowing the mission.

The assassin finds Chuck's Nerd Herd badge and, GASP, kills Emmett when Emmett doesn't tell him where Chuck is! Whoa! I did not see that one coming. He eventually gets Chuck and Sarah in his custody, wanting to get information out of them. Sarah helps Chuck face his fear of not being a good spy, and he is able to use the intersect to get them out of there. We also find out around this time that the reason Chuck didn't run away with Sarah was because he felt he needed to do the spy thing, to actually do something with his life.

In the end, things are basically put back to normal. Operation Bartowski is back up and running. Casey, Chuck and Morgan (who flunked out of Benihana school and lost Anna to a sous chef) are all back at the Buy More, and it looks like Sarah may still be working at the yogurt shop? Ellie and Awesome, however, move into their own apartment across the courtyard, thereby allowing Morgan to move in with Chuck.

The last scene is maybe my favorite, though. With "Eye of the Tiger" rocking in the background, Casey and Chuck get ready to spar with boxing gloves. Training has begun. 


  1. I was disappointed with the first two episodes. They were good, but nowhere near the level of the last few episodes of season 2.

    Also, I'm worried that the Intersect 2.0 will turn into a "Get out of difficult situation free" card, which will lead to sloppy writing and much less tension.

    But I'm hoping I'm wrong about that, and that they'll find their stride.

  2. Yeah I agree I was kind of disappointed too, but I'm thinking maybe the expectations were really high because season 2, particularly the end of season 2, was so good. I have faith they can get it back to that caliber.