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...Set: Chuck 3x02 "Chuck versus the Three Words"

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Whoa? What's this? Two episodes of Chuck in one night? Yes, that's right. For the big season three premiere, we got double the Chuck, and tomorrow (back at its regularly scheduled Mondays at 8/7c time) we get a third episode. Starting things off with a bang. And a lot of advertising, which is great since the show was kind of struggling last season. Hopefully it will all pay off.

This episode was all about emotions and whether Chuck could keep his under wraps in order to work well as a spy. Seriously, it was kind of pounded into our heads over and over that this was real issue that needed lots of attention. The mission that was the background for all of this had to do with Sarah's old friend Karina (who we've apparently met before but I honestly do not remember), who has pretended to fall in love with some spy dude who I'm going to call Smooch thanks to their rather annoying pet names for each other. Apparently his real name was Carl, but I only heard that near the end.

ANYway. So Karina has gotten close to Smooch in order to get this special gold briefcase that has some kind of magic weapon in it. She gets Chuck, Sarah and Casey in on the mission at her supposed engagement party. Casey has to pretend to be her Uncle Johnny (sporting a rather hilarious mustache and glasses get up) while Chuck and Sarah have to pretend to be a happy couple, which of course does not work so well when Chuck tries to talk to her about what happened while she is just trying to do her job. They manage to get the briefcase after Chuck whips out some awesome acrobatic dodging laser beams intersect magic, but he of course screws up at the very end, getting himself locked inside the vault. He starts confessing his soul to Sarah on the other side of the door (those darn emotions again!), but she's gone up into the vents to get him out. She misses all of his confession apart from an "I love you" at the very end.

Though they think they're in the clear having got the briefcase, Smooch has of course figured out that Karina was playing him, and comes after her. She manages to get the briefcase to Morgan to give to Chuck before Smooch nabs her.

That night, Morgan is having a housewarming party, where Jeff makes up some "jail juice" while wearing a sleeveless shirt with the winning slogan, "I like big butts and I cannot lie." Ah, Jeff. Always a winner. After some not very important shenanigans, things boil down to a showdown in the courtyard between our spies and Smooch and his guys. Chuck manages to get Smooch off his guard by speechifying about how Karina wasn't supposed to fall in love because she's a spy and they aren't supposed to have emotions and... well let's face it, it was all a speech for Sarah's benefit. But it works out, because Smooch is put off his guard, giving Karina the upper hand to take him out and get the briefcase back.

In the end, Karina gives Sarah a recording of Chuck's speech while in the vault, and it looks like she's starting to soften up a bit, since the reason Chuck didn't go with her was because he wanted to do something important with his life. You know, be all noble and such. Morgan also manages to somehow bag Karina because he had previously said no to her. You know we'll never be hearing the end of this.

Lastly, General Beckman has some kind of secret meeting with someone named "Shaw" who we do not see. She wants to warn them to be prepared, but is shot down. Hmm, who is Shaw? What should they be prepared for? I kind of have a feeling about who Shaw is, but I won't say for those spoilerphobes out there, since a quick imdb search has informed me I am correct.

So, are you liking the new season so far? Are you excited for all of those guest stars the upcoming clips showed? Don't forget, there's another episode on Monday at 8/7c!

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  1. I think the show is safe for now, since NBC just shot a big hole in a third of its schedule and needs content.