Monday, January 11, 2010

...Set: Chuck 3x03 "Chuck versus the Angel of Death"

Well, I don't know about all of you, but I enjoyed tonight's episode about 10 times more than either of yesterday's episodes. I'm thinking most of this was due to the involvement of both Captain Awesome and Ellie, who really brighten up any episode they are a part of. I also only just realized that there was absolutely no Buy More story this episode, even though I wrote in my notes it felt more like a typical episode. Whoops, joke's on me.

Anyway, this episode was all about the gang having to protect the Premier (is that how I'd spell it) of the made up nation of Costa Gravas, played by one Armand Assante. The nation was basically supposed to be Cuba, with the Premier now deciding to change to a democracy instead of a dictatorship, but this put him in danger of assassination. Ellie and Devon accidentally get involved when Devon gets called in to the hospital to save the Premier's life after he has been poisoned. Devon's rather psyched about this, though, because throughout the episode he's all about helping out with the spy stuff. The Premier is so grateful that he invites Devon and Ellie to his gala event that night, which of course, Sarah and Chuck are already planning on attending in order to protect the Premier from any attempts on his life. Casey, on the other hand, is forced to be the guy in the van because he tried thrice to kill the Premier in the past, gaining him the moniker El Angel de Muerte (Angel of Death, hence the title).
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Long story short - Casey ends up getting nabbed at the gala after some other dancing shenanigans, including Chuck having to flash so he could do some complicated spy dancing with Sarah, which really reminded me of her previous dance with Bryce. Ah, Bryce. Mmm, Bryce. Oh, sorry. I'm recapping. But another aside - I was still distracted by Chuck's poofy hair! I think he used to have some gel in it. I don't know. It's stupid that it distracts me, but it does.

Anyhow, Sarah and Chuck are forbidden to go after Casey because he's in the consulate and therefore out of their jurisdiction (or whatever the right word is since they're not cops). But, Devon gets called in again because the real bad guy at the gala has made it into the consulate and re-poisoned the Premier. Chuck and Sarah pose as Devon's assistants to get inside. Casey manages to knock out the bad guy, who turns out to be a member of this mysterious Ring, but gets shot in the process. The Premier's guards make Chuck get the bullet out to prove he's not an assassin there to kill the Premier, which is kind of wonky logic really, but whatever. And Casey is then forced to give his blood to the Premier in order to save his life. Phew, it's all rather complicated, isn't it?

What you really need to know are two things - Chuck and Sarah decide to be just friends moving forward. Devon decides he's not cut out for the double life of a spy after all, and Casey gets a case of Costa Gravan cigars as thanks for giving his blood. And a new moniker - Angel of Life. Well, barf at that cheese, but oh well.

And, finally, just when Ellie and Devon are going to rekindle their romantic flames, Devon gets a visit from the Ring bad guy, holding another vial of his mysterious poison stuff. We don't know what happens to him, only that Sarah comes to find Chuck and whispers in his ear. And it does not look so good.

But the preview for next week? Looks... wait for it... Awesome! Because it's full of Captain Awesome? Yeah, yeah, okay. But seriously, I think the show is back on track after tonight's episode. I wonder if this is a hint that we won't be seeing as much of the Buy More as we have in the past. I did miss Jeff and Lester a little bit, but I didn't even realize they weren't around until there was only five minutes left. But if that means more Ellie and Awesome? Yes, please.

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  1. I started to hate episodes with buy more. These episodes are taking time of 42 minutes and i didn't like them if they are not in the subject.

  2. Casey was brilliant in this episode. Snarky, antagonistic, drugged [!], disguised... Definitely the best of the three so far. Plus a line from the General & one from Chuck about Casey which set off my 'snicker' button :-)