Monday, February 1, 2010

...Set: Life Unexpected 1x03 "Rent Uncollected"

First up, what do you guys think of the titles of the episodes all being similar to the title of the show ("Rent Uncollected", "Home Inspected")? Clever? Cloying? I'm on the fence. The show does have a certain cheesy factor at the end of every episode so far, so I guess it's fitting the titles reflect that aspect.

ANYWAY. This week Lux got to meet a lot of her extended family - Baze's parents as well as Cate's mother and sister. This all came about when Baze's father heard about his daughter on Cate's radio show. He threatened to take over the bar - because Baze was late on that month's rent - if he did not bring Lux and Cate over for dinner. Baze had some trouble getting them to come because Cate had already planned a family dinner of her own for her, Lux and Ryan. I don't know, I thought she was being rather insensitive about that whole thing. Maybe that is supposed to be part of her character, being sort of selfish? I guess. Or maybe I just like Baze better! Ha.

Recap/review of Life Unexpected 1x03 'Rent Uncollected' by freshfromthe.comBaze finally got her to agree to come, but they were doubly surprised to find that the Baziles had invited Cate's mother and sister over too. Things got tense at the dinner table, as things usually tend to do, when all of the grandparents decided they would be better equipped to raise Lux than Cate and Baze. I think this was my favorite scene of the episode. Who doesn't love a good family scene where all of the issues come out? It all ended with Baze's dad saying he was going to take the bar back anyway.

Meanwhile, Lux is having issues with Cate deciding to move her to a different school without consulting her about it. Mostly because the move means she'll no longer be going to school with Tasha. Bug, the boyfriend, if you remember, tells her they should go with their plan of moving out on their own together with her start up savings money, but in the end she decides to use the money to pay off Baze's owed rent. Which I saw coming miles and miles away. He owed $3200, she happened to have $3000 and sold a lamp for $200. Oh wait, that matches exactly? How nice! I was also a little annoyed that the plot with her friends was nearly the same as last week - them wanting her to leave with them. Obviously that's not going to happen.

In the end, Cate tells Lux she's going to make a better effort to make it a family discussion before just changing things for her. She also suggests that they get to know her foster family better, and have a nice little get together on the roof of Bug's apartment toasting some hot dogs over a garbage can fire. It was... pretty cheesy, you must admit. But that's the tone of the show, so, you know, Tone Accepted. See what I did there?

As an aside, Lux seems to be very good at lying. She was able to make up a bunch of stories on the fly while trying to fit in with the popular bitchy girls at the new school, as well as making up a story about that bong-inspired lamp she sold for $200 by claiming it belonged to... Bob Marley? I think she said Bob Marley. Anywho, she is the hardest character to keep a grasp on because she seems so changeable sometimes, but then that's what her life has been, so perhaps it is a product of that instability.

Okay, I'll stop before I go way too in depth analyzing!

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