Monday, February 22, 2010

...Set: Life Unexpected 1x06 "Truth Unrevealed"

This week was all about the ladies' love triangles. In the red corner we've got Baze-Cate-Ryan and in the blue corner we've got Bug-Lux-Jones! Who will come out victorious? And who will lie their way out of a possible break up? If you've been paying attention, you might expect it to be Lux who lies, because that is her way, but this week she actually acts the grown up. But wait, I'm spoiling things for you, aren't I?

But hey, since I'm talking about Lux, let's start with her little triangle. If you remember from last week, Bug "borrowed" Jones' car and ended up getting arrested for it. Now, he's facing a possible two year jail sentence, or a six month plea bargain. Lux wants him to take the bargain, but he decides there's actually another way to get around all of this - by Lux going to Jones (QB Abercrombie gets a name I actually remember) and asking for him to drop the charges. Jones'll do it, but he wants Bug's motorcycle as penance.

Recap/review of Life Unexpected 1x06 'Truth Unrevealed' by freshfromthe.comBug's not so into giving up his bike, it was the only thing his dad ever gave him you know, but eventually agrees. Jones proposes he and Lux skip class once he has the bike, but he can't even get the thing started. So naturally, Lux starts up the bike herself and tells him to hop on - time for some fun! No, not really. She just wants to make Jones understand why Bug likes the bike, I guess. She takes him to Bug's old house and tells him his sad story, as well as one of her own having to do with a locket. Jones decides he doesn't want the bike after all, but then he goes and tries to kiss Lux. As if we did not see that coming. She rebuffs him and he takes her home, but of course Bug is waiting and proceeds to punch him in the face, even though he didn't even know about the kiss.

Lux is upset by the whole thing, as she should be, because, as Cate tells her, she deserves better. She confronts Bug and tells him about the attempted kiss, but he just tells her she deserves better and kicks her out. By the end, he leaves town, leaving poor Luxy to cry a little. Even though Jones was super sweet and tried to give her a locket. There's probably more for them in the future, and actually they're rather cute together. I can get behind it.

Now, for the more interesting triangle! At least, I think it's more interesting, but maybe that's just because I'm not a high schooler anymore. Basically, Ryan's upset with Cate because he thinks she's obsessed with Baze (which she kind of is). Not helping matters is the fact that their corporate bosses tell them that Cate's likability has gone way down of late, and the only way to clear things up is to have Baze come on the air with them. During said on air show, they are confronted with a question asking if anything has happened between them since high school, to which they both answer with a not so concealed LIE. Ryan later confronts Cate about it, and she just LIES some more, saying nothing happened.

Meanwhile, Jamie (token black friend) accuses Baze of losing his lady game, and secretly being in love with Cate. To combat this heinous (totally true) notion, he flirts with a lady who just happens to be Ryan and Cate's corporate boss! What a coinikidink! They end up starting up some fireworks, but Cate walks in on them and gets all uppity about it, despite her saying that the recent sex between her and Baze meant nothing (which resulted in a rather puppy dog look from Baze that I admit, I sort of loved). She goes home and after having a nice heartfelt conversation with Lux about truth and trust, she decides to tell Ryan the truth.

Except, she LIES. She tells him that Baze tried to kiss her that night, but that she pushed him away and that's all that happened. Now, I'm not really remembering entirely, but I think it was actually she who kissed him. I could be wrong. Feel free to correct me if I am. And, of course, they had some hot sex. I believe they even had it more than once that night. But, nope, she doesn't tell Ryan. Because that will surely end well when the truth finally does come out, as it most certainly will. The previews even seem to indicate that it will happen next week! And it's no wonder, really, since it seems like quite a few people apart from Ryan already know about it.

And, one last thing. At the end of the episode, Cate sets a date for the wedding while Baze listens (Ryan had been upset about the no date thing earlier, of course). Ah, poor Baze. But people, if I know one thing about TV, it's that things are certainly not over between Cate and Baze. And good thing, too, because I find them much more interesting than Cate and Ryan.

I also just want to say that I think this episode was pushing things along in a much better direction than last week. I didn't even give you my patented SHLOCK ALERT! Wow. No, but there were a couple places where I could've, I just glossed over them. Wah wah. The big question we should really be asking ourselves - Will Life Unexpected be picked up for a second season? TBD.

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  1. Good review. I agree that Baze/Cate/Ryan is the more interesting triangle. I am not really cheering a "side" in it as much as I just want the characters to grow and figure things out. Ryan is the week link, least developed of the characters. I want him for Cate because she wants him and seems to have no other sense of stability in her life.

    Lux's triangle seems more symbolic than character based. The guys need to be more real for me to care.

  2. It's true, Ryan isn't very developed as a character apart from Cate. We know next to nothing about him, other than he works at the station and loves her. I read he initially was only supposed to be in the first five episodes, but it was extended, so maybe he'll get more development now.