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...Set: Supernatural 5x14 "My Bloody Valentine"

Well, I can honestly say that I don't think I have ever been so grossed out by an episode of Supernatural to date. When the episode started I thought to myself, "This must be Ben Edlund." Indeed! Indeed. He has presented some of the craziest deaths and most memorable suicidal teddy bears, so you know when people start eating each other to death, he's probably behind it. The distended stomach... and the reaching into the fryer with the... and all of that raw beef... and those teeth, you know whose teeth... and... UGH! I was making faces and disgusted noises, I'm sure, throughout the episode, and when Dean came upon that guy face down in the fryer, I was like please, please, please do NOT pull him out of that oil. Thankfully, we were spared that imagery, though my imagination can do its own version. *shudder*

Okay, now that I've got that out of my system! So basically, people have suddenly become crazy in love with each other, to the point where they literally cannot get enough - eating each other alive, or doing some other form of double suicide so they can be together forever. Sam discovers that they all have an Enochian sigil on their hearts and Castiel confirms that they have, in fact, been touched by an angel, of the cherub, third class, variety. They track the dude down and after a hilarious, though meandering, bit where he hugs all of them in turn as a greeting, in all of his naked glory, we find out that he is not responsible for the people going crazy, just for them falling for each other.

A couple other things we find out from this encounter with "Cupid" - a similar angel brought John and Mary together back in the day. Apparently, before that, they hated each other. And it was all to bring Dean and Sam into the world. Although, that seems a little bit strange after last week when they wanted to completely get rid of Sam altogether. Was Anna actually working on her own? Was there someone else making the rules? Kind of weird. We also find out that Castiel can read minds? I don't think this was ever mentioned before. Maybe he can only read a cherub's mind or something? Hmm. Hmm, I say.

Recap/review of Supernatural 5x14 "My Bloody Valentine" by freshfromthe.comThey start to figure out what's going on when both Sam and Castiel start acting strangely. Castiel has suddenly developed a taste for hamburgers, thanks to his vessel Jimmy, while Sam has started longing for the taste of demon blood again. Cas figures out that it's actually one of the Four Horsemen they're dealing with - Famine, to be more precise. He rolls into a town and everyone starts going crazy for what they hunger after, whether that be actual food, sex, or, like Sam, some bloody blood blood. But Dean, he seems to not be affected. In fact, he seems to be having a reverse effect - he's not hungry, he doesn't want to go out and bag a lady on his favorite holiday, Valentine's Day. Dean asserts that he gets these things whenever he wants them on a regular basis, so it's not affecting him like it does everyone else. Shenanigans, Dean. I don't believe that is correct. In fact, I surmised the truth before we had to be told what it was. I even said it out loud. To myself, of course, because I was alone. But aloud nonetheless. Should I give it away now? Okay, I will. It's because he feels nothing inside. Nothing inside! Dun dun dun. I'm sure anyone who watches the show on a regular basis could figure that out. More extrapolation on that when we actually get to it, however.

Anyhow, Sam tells Dean that they have to leave him behind while they go after Famine, who has a demon guard dressed like Agents out of The Matrix, don't you know, and Sam won't be able to resist their bloody blood blood. They handcuff him in the bathroom and... I'm sure we have all figured out by now that Famine is going to send him some demons to devour, so don't act all surprised when that actually happens. Dean and Castiel head over to Famine's joint, Big Gerson's (I do believe that is the same place they won the free food at in Bad Day at Black Rock, yes?). Castiel pops in and Dean gives him five seconds before deciding it's been too long, and goes in after him.

And, to all of our dismay, he finds Castiel knee deep in raw beef, unable to control himself. GROSS. Dean gets a little ass kicking from some of Famine's demons, then gets to meet the Horseman himself, in all his grossy, skin peely, yellow teethy, wheelchairy glory. Yes, that is all very scientific. Anyway, Famine tells us what I've already mentioned. The reason Dean has not been afflicted like everyone else is because his soul is empty. He puts on a big show for everyone, but inside he's still broken. I was very reminded of Buffy, I must say, after she came back from the dead, though I have a hard time imagining Dean in a musical singing about how he wants his fire back. Nonetheless, that would be his song to sing.

Anyway! I digress. Sam, all demon blooded up, comes charging in. While Famine tries to get him to keep engorging himself on the rest of the demons there, because apparently Sam can never have too much blood, Sam decides no. He exorcises all of them, though Famine tries to take them into himself. Oh, yes, because he eats souls. I forgot to mention that earlier. Moving on! Famine haves himself a giggle about Sam not being able to kill him like he can demons, but Sam's like "screw you, ugly teeth" (I may be abbreviating slightly) and proceeds to exorcise the demons out of Famine. Which, I guess, kills him? Because they didn't seem to take his ring. I kept wondering why Dean didn't just jump in and cut off the guy's ring during all of this. He didn't want to be left there with all of the demons or something? Seems a little bit flimsy to me, but whatever.

In the end, Dean and Castiel have to lock Sam back up in Bobby's special panic room to detox once again. Dean can't handle hearing crazy Sam screaming like that again, and goes for some air. And, man, Jensen Ackles can just break my heart. He's struggling to keep it together as he looks to the sky, asking for help. And I don't know about you, but it seems like it would be very easy for Dean to say yes to Michael when he has nothing to live for himself. Wouldn't it be easier for him to say yes now, when Lucifer isn't in Sam?

And now, for this week's quotes. There are a fair few!

"Go ahead. Unleash the Kraken. See you tomorrow morning." - Sam, telling Dean to go get his Valentine's Day jollies off

"Refrigerate after opening." - The coroner to the boys, about the harvested organs

"You mean the little flying fat kid in diapers?" - Dean
"They're not incontinent." - Castiel

"Is this a fight? Are we in a fight?" - Dean, after the Cherub has given them all a big, naked, hug
"This is their handshake." - Castiel
"I don't like it." - Dean
"No one likes it." - Castiel

"I believe you upset him." - Castiel

"Exactly. My hunger. It's a clue actually." - Castiel

Half the reason why Castiel's lines are so funny is just based on the delivery of Misha Collins. I'm not always a fan of Castiel, but I am always a fan of Misha, if that makes sense.

Anyway, thanks to the 2010 Winter Olympics (which are taking place in Vancouver BC, actually, where Supernatural, and many other shows, are filmed), we won't be getting a new episode until March 25th. It appears to be about a bunch of zombies. They are really trying to gross me out a lot right now, aren't they?

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