Tuesday, February 16, 2010

...Set: Life Unexpected 1x05 "Turtle Undefeated"

This week, Lux decided to continue her clearly winning streak of lying and getting caught, by doing it again, more than once! Way to go, Lux! Cate, meanwhile, was upset that she was not connecting to Lux more (because she's the responsible bad cop!) and Baze was having more of his economical crises, trying to figure out a way to get more people to the bar. I kind of am feeling this show just repeats the same themes every week. Hopefully if it gets renewed for a second season, they will explore more stuff.

Recap/review of Life Unexpected 1x05 'Turtle Undefeated' by freshfromthe.com
So, basically, Lux is still having issues with the mean girls of Westmonte High being, you know, mean. But the cute quarterback seems to have taken a liking to her, and Baze informs her that if she gets in with the popular quarterback (which he used to be, remember?), then she'll be in with everyone. And because she's suddenly concerned about fitting in, she decides to have a party for QB Abercrombie's birthday at Baze's loft after Brynn can't. That's right, her name is Brynn. QB Abercrombie is like woo hoo, let's do this thing! In order to have said party, though, she ends up lying to her foster friends Bug and Tash, who wanted to take her out to the Newberg Drive-In for Shaun of the Dead.

Meanwhile, Baze and his buddies are working on a plan to get more bodies in the bar. For some reason, turtle racing ends up being the winning idea. While the lackluster races start, Cate takes her friend Alice out for a night on the town, but ends up at Baze's because she wants to check on Lux's party. She abandons Alice down in the turtle races to cuddle up to Baze's friend Jamie and goes upstairs to party with the kids half her age, who are now swilling beer, thanks to Lux who lied to Baze and brought up beer from the bar. Say that ten times fast. Lux's foster peeps Bug and Tash show up as well, and get mighty PO'd that Lux lied to them about the party and didn't invite them.

Baze ends up going upstairs after a Yoda cookie jar, or something, gets thrown out a window, and has a mighty yell at Lux about her not using her head, using the exact same phrasing his own dad used on him earlier, mind you. Lux and her buddies head out, and Bug suggests they take the party over to the drive-in, then proceeds to "borrow" QB Abercrombie's car. They get pulled over, Cate and Baze show up to try to stop the cops from arresting them and get arrested themselves, and it's Baze's dad to the bail out rescue.

While in the clink, Cate suggested to Baze that he try to reconnect with his dad, because maybe he has become the bad cop and can't figure a way to change it. Baze tries to take her advice and offers his dad a do over, but gets rebuffed. The hurt puppy goes back to the bar and finds that the turtle thing turned out to actually be a moderate success. And I'm skipping over everything to do with the three-legged turtle because it's CHEESY, so there. And, in the end, Baze's dad shows back up at the bar to have some bonding time with his son. Awww. Actually, it was rather sweet.

Because this week's SCHLOCK ALERT goes out to... Lux! It seems to usually do that. She apologizes to Tash about lying about the party, saying she wanted to know what it was like to fit in, and she's not really ashamed of her foster friends but rather, "ashamed of me." Oh god, she didn't say that? No, she did. She did indeed. Sigh.

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