Monday, March 15, 2010

...Set: Chuck 3x10 "Chuck versus the Tic Tac"

This week's Chuck was all about our favorite grunter extraordinaire - one John Casey. Or, should I say, Alex Coburn? That's right, that name we heard a couple episodes back is Casey's real name, which it turns out he gave up back in 1989 when he was approached by a somewhat shady spy guru, Keller, played by the always great Robert Patrick. I kind of wanted Morgan to make some sort of terminator joke when he saw him, but unless I missed it, it didn't happen. Oh well!

Keller has re-commissioned Casey for another task, only now he works for the Ring, so when Casey steals a special drug called Laudanol (in development for use by soldiers to not feel any fear), he's really committing treason. Chuck accidentally rats him out thinking it was an inside job, so Casey is arrested. But Keller and his crew bust him out of the super top secret Level 15 lockdown of some kind of CIA headquarters.

Recap/review of Chuck 3x10 'Chuck versus the Tic Tac' by freshfromthe.comChuck and Sarah are convinced that Casey hasn't really changed sides and are determined to help him out. They're right, of course. They meet up with Casey and he tells them that when he was Alex Coburn, he had a fiance, and now Keller will kill her if Casey doesn't give him the Laudanol. They come up with a plan to set things right. Chuck will go and take care of Kathleen McCue, the former fiance, while Sarah will stow away with Casey while he goes to deliver the pill to Keller.

Casey and Sarah kick some ass against Keller and his crew, with Casey ultimately snapping Keller's neck! Whoa! That was pretty intense. My favorite part about that whole bit was how Casey indicated to Sarah how many men she was going to have to face - by lighting a cigar, then dropping the remaining matches on the ground with five sticking up, to indicated five guys. Clever!

Meanwhile, at Kathleen's, some of Keller's men show up. Chuck's in a panic and can't flash, so Casey (over the phone) tells him to take the Laudanol, which he had secretly stuck in Chuck's pocket. Sarah clearly doesn't want him to do this, as they had an earlier conversation about Chuck losing himself in the spy work, but Chuck takes it and kicks some butt. He almost kills a guy in exactly the same way that Casey killed Keller, but luckily Sarah shows up in time to stop him. Kathleen is safe. AND, she has a daughter. Named Alex! Casey's a father! He practically runs out of there when he sees her.

Back at Castle, Beckman has come to tell Casey that he'll get a second chance, but as a civilian. And that probably broke Casey's heart more than anything else could have, because I'm pretty sure I detected the trace of a tear in his eye. Later, Chuck tries to get him to go and meet his daughter and try that sort of life, but Casey tells Chuck he made his decision - love of his country over love. And now Chuck is going to have to make the same decision.

In our side story of the night, we've got the Devon and Ellie Doctors Without Borders dilemma, which becomes more complicated when Ellie is offered a position at USC doing something with neurology that she's always wanted. In the end, she is about to tell Devon that she'll go Doctors Without Borders, but he turns it around and tells her they can stay since this is what she's wanted for a long time. There was also a rather hilarious bit where Morgan and Devon figure out that they both know about Chuck in a roundabout way.

Overall, another solid episode. The twists and turns keep on coming! How is Casey going to become a part of the team again? Will Sarah really move on to another position in, possibly, Washington DC? How much longer can Chuck walk the line between his old life and his spy life without it feeling contrived? I guess we'll see!


Not a ton this week, it was a rather serious episode. I would've transcribed the whole interaction between Devon and Morgan, but you know what, just go watch it.

"Oh it's just you, Chuck. I thought you were KGB. Or maybe a ninja. Although in that case, your footsteps probably would've been quieter, wouldn't they?" - Morgan

"What is that, static?" - Chuck
"Carrots, actually." - Morgan
Chuck gives him a look
"I'm sorry, I get hungry on a stakeout." - Morgan

"Can I get a cool code name like Condor or Lady Fingers?" - Morgan

"I'm the gas company!" - Chuck

"He's the best choice I ever made." - Ellie, about Devon

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  1. I called it! I totally called it! John = Alex [GG].
    That younger John-Alex's nose is different.
    Arrow pointing at vault = me sniggering!
    Oooh, Pacman noises in the vault!
    'Always have someone watch your back' [this has been a chekhov's gun moment]
    John only moves his lower lip when pleading the 5th
    Aww, poor bonsai [huggles it]
    'This guy was one of the best we had' [Yeah, you tell 'em Sarah!]
    OUCH - plexi glass!
    Goodness, that guy is small!
    Morgan and Awesome pacing!!!
    Kissing Casey = apparently exciting and scary at the same time
    [I say we need a proper in depth study of this. I selflessly offer myself as a guinea pig to go try a heap of times and report back...]
    'I really hope that wasn't me!' [GGG]
    Keller turned Casey's Sensei
    'When 3 of my agents are arrested for treason within 24 hours, it reflects poorly on me'
    Bad straw hat!!!
    'Condor' or 'Ladyfingers' [GGG]
    Monkeys on screen & Planet of the apes & 'their upper lips never moved...'
    'I don't care who you were, I KNOW who you are.' - YES, Chuck!!!
    5 match clue
    Sarah's pulled an Indiana Jones!!
    'I'm the gas company!'
    Casey, dear heart, the hand position on the wheel is 10 to 2 :-)
    Chuck gets bullet time!!
    Chuck turns into Casey.
    So, Casey's a daddy now...
    Ohhh, Casey's face when he's demoted :::wibble::: He's only just holding it back...
    Tenderly re-planting the Bonsai...
    Such a gentle tone from Casey to Chuck

  2. Yeah it was kind of obvious that Alex was going to be Casey. But I guess it would've been sort of disappointing had Alex been someone else.